CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Cuban police violently beat and drag away an adolescent boy

Another case of police brutality in communist Cuba the leftist activists in the U.S. will ignore has been caught on video. In the video, the distraught mother frantically shouts as police as they drag away her 15-year-old boy.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Police brutality in Cuba: Police drag away a 15-year-old minor in Sagua de Tanamo

A new case of police brutality in Cuba is causing outrage on social media. A video posted on Facebook shows two officers from the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) violently dragging away a 15-year-old adolescent in the town of Sagua de Tánamo, in Holguín.

Activist Diasniurka Salcedo Verdecia posted the shocking images, which shows the officers taking the young boy away after beating him, while bystanders hurl insults at the savage behavior by the uniformed individuals.

The exact reasons for the assault on the minor are not mentioned in the video, but once again it highlights that the Cuban State’s police force lacks training, and their only solution to any situation is to immediately resort to physical violence, and sometimes even armed violence.

“They’re become more aggressive every time”; “these murderers are worse than Batista”; “They are abusers,” wrote some of the commenters on the post.

Alice Oviedo added, “It’s easy to abuse power when you wear a uniform, but one day all these murderers will have to hide. Homeland and Life!” Another commenter urged witnesses of these arrests to defend their people instead of just recording.

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  1. Gotta keep those unruly savages in line and do whatever it takes to keep the “revolution” in power.

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