Mexico increases its number of Cuban slave doctors to 700

The government of socialist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has purchased 90 more slave doctors from Cuba’s communist regime, bringing the total of Cuban slaves in Mexico to 700.

Christian Caruzo reports in Breitbart:

AMLO Says Mexico Hosting 700 Cuban Slave Doctors

Mexican leftist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced on Tuesday that his country had imported 700 Cuban slave doctors, who were now active in Mexican hospitals.

The newly announced number adds another 90 to the total of 610 Cuban slave doctors the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) reported in March. Mexico is importing the forced labor as part of an agreement signed in 2022 between Mexico’s IMSS and the communist Castro regime’s Cuban Medical Services Marketer (CSMC), which handles the slave doctor trade.

Selling doctors as forced labor to allied poor countries is a billion-dollar industry for Cuba. Doctors and other health workers who have escaped the human trafficking situation say they often had to falsify medical statistics, were forced to pressure patients into adopting communist ideology, and had their passports confiscated to prevent their escape. Defecting doctors are banned from returning to Cuba for eight years, often meaning the relinquishing of seeing the childhoods of their children left at home during medical “missions.”

During a press conference on Tuesday, López Obrador thanked the communist regime for the doctors. The Mexican president agreed to hire the services of the communist Castro regime’s slave doctors for his “Health Pulse” program during his official visit to Cuba in May 2022. The first group arrived in July of that year.

In August, the Mexican newspaper El Financiero claimed to have obtained access to leaked documents that showed that the Mexican government agreed to pay Cuba roughly $1.2 million per month as part of the agreement in exchange for 610 Cuban slave doctors.

In March, IMSS director Zoé Robledo announced that the initial 610-slave doctor agreement had been expanded, and will see Mexico receive an additional 600 slave doctors.

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  1. And it has FAR less to do with helping Mexicans than with helping Cuba’s dictatorship. Classic hijeputez.

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