Prisoners Defenders announces presentation on torture in Cuba

Next Tuesday, May 30, at 5pm (CEST) we will present the First Comprehensive Study on Torture in Cuba, the most complete report on the subject to date. Initiated in 2022 with 101 cases and now completed after the quantitative and qualitative investigation of 15 patterns of torture on 181 victims, among which civilian collectives represented by minors (boys and girls), young people (?21 years old, of both sexes) and women (minors included) stand out, which have served as a random and statistically representative sample of a collective of 1,277 civilian political prisoners, all tortured in Cuban prisons in the last 12 months.

At the event we will also present and share the 10 UPR reports prepared by Prisoners Defenders, submitted to and received by the United Nations, with the support of some twenty human rights organizations in Cuba in preparation for the Fourth Universal Periodic Review of Cuba.In these 10 reports for the Universal Periodic Review of Cuba (UPR Shadow Reports), we cover the widespread torture of political prisoners, labor rights violations, the legislated violation of due process, the violation of multiple fundamental rights and freedoms such as freedom of thought, expression, assembly and association, movement and religious freedom, among others, and other aspects such as the legislated and practiced impunity for abuses by the authorities, the more than 11,000 condemned for precriminal social dangerousness (without crime), arbitrary detentions, forced disappearance, provisional imprisonment, the legal lack of defense lawyers and political imprisonment in Cuba.

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