British tourist finds scorpion in suitcase after returning home from ‘dream holiday’ in Cuba

Very sunburned and nearly stung British tourist displays his accidental Cuban souvenir

From our Bureau of Diminutive But Dangerous Asylum Seekers From Cuban Luxury Hotels with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Housekeeping

How’s this for a souvenir from one of Castro, Inc.’s luxury apartheid hotels?

It sure seems as if even the scorpions are eager to escape from the Caribbean hellhole admired by millions of Europeans.

Great housekeeping, by the way. Five stars to Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Hotel Room Hygiene.

Abridged from Manchester Evening News, U.K.

A holidaymaker found this fearsome SCORPION inside his suitcase after returning home from a trip to Cuba.

Stunned David Judd – who named him Brian – said he got the fright of his life when he spotted the creature scurrying around at the bottom of his case as he unpacked his clothes.

He immediately slammed the case shut before carefully managing to catch the scorpion with a pair of litter picking-style tongs and putting it into a plastic tub.

David believes Brian is a Cuban Bark Scorpion, a type described as being capable of inflicting a painful, venomous sting, but not said to be as potent as some of its killer arachnid relatives.

“I don’t think he’s deadly,” said David, who landed at Manchester Airport on Friday morning after a two-week holiday just outside Havana with his wife, Amanda, 48. “I have been looking them up online and, thankfully, the word ‘fatal’ hasn’t yet cropped up, although I have seen the words ‘very poisonous’. . .

. . .David, who didn’t try to feed Brian the scorpion, said he even rang the police for advice via the 101 number, but was told to contact a pet shop.

The RSCPA, he added, didn’t respond to his calls.

“I have managed to get Brian a new home,” he said. “I contacted a tropical pet shop in Wakefield and asked if they wanted to take it in and they did.

“He’s now living at Aquatica tropical pet shop in Wakefield. They put him in a container with soil and such like then gave him a couple of crickets which he devoured immediately.