Cuban dictatorship begs for money on Gofundme to bring home corpse of Van Van musician who died in New York

Help, please, we’re too poor to pay for this stalwart socialist’s corpse!

From our Bureau of Socialist Whining, Groveling, and Begging with very special assistance from our Spanish-speaking Buró de Sinverguenzas, Descarados, Hipócritas, Cabrones, Canallas, e Hijos de Mala Madre

Castro, Inc. is brashly displaying its hypocrisy as well as its moral and financial bankruptcy by begging Cuban exiles and foreigners on Gofundme to pay for the transporting of the remains of its dead propagandist musician Juan Carlos Formell, who died suddenly on stage while performing in New York.

Such blatant shamelessness is typical of Castro, Inc., which has been relying for several decades on capitalists abroad to provide it with alms and — in essence– keep the dictatorship afloat. (This includes its reliance on diaspora Yo-Yos)

Unfortunately, Castro, Inc. might get its way and find enough fools to pay for the retrieval of this corpse.

Abridged and Loosely Translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The “worms” (gusanos) that later became “butterflies” in the eyes of Castroism, will pay for the funeral of Juan Carlos Formell in a capitalist Gofundme.

The musician passed away in New York City on the night of Friday, May 26, 2023, after suffering a suspected heart attack.

The regime appealed to this platform to raise $15,000, and only people residing abroad could donate.

Formell, 59, was the son of Juan Formell, director and founder of Los Van Van, who was a close devotee and soldier of misrule in Havana.

The name with which the orchestra that Juan founded in December 1969 was baptized, arose as a result of the so-called Zafra de los Millones.

That contest was one of the historical papers of the Cuban dictatorship and its “maximum leader”, the euphoric and erratic Fidel Castro Ruz.

Castro proclaimed the year 1970 as the year of “the harvest of 10 million tons” of sugar cane and the propaganda apparatus repeated “The 10 million go,” that Van Van.

It is striking that, after the death of Juan Carlos Formell Alfonso (1964-2023), the diplomatic representation in the US has not made a statement.

Why does the death of a member of the flagship orchestra of Cuban music and faithful to the failed “revolution” not arouse the compassion of the leadership that governs the Island?

Why does the Castro embassy that claims to do so much for Cubans not cover the expenses of the repatriation of the corpse or the funeral itself, as any other diplomatic representation would do?

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  1. What? The dead guy had been living in NYC for the past 30 years. This sounds like a scam–surprise!

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