Cuban doctor dares to complain about his low salary (USD $241.69 per month)

Dr. Onesio Esteban de León Gutiérrez and a typical bathroom in a Cuban hospital

From our Bureau of Ungrateful Whining Wretches in Socialist Utopias

How dare this doctor complain? He gets paid a whopping 5,800 Cuban pesos per month ($241.69).

What makes him think he is so special?

Such ungratefulness, such lack of true Revolutionary socialist spirit should not be tolerated.

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Cuban doctor Onesio Esteban de León Gutiérrez was surprised and outraged to learn that certain workers in the country earn a salary of 31,000 Cuban pesos ( USD $1291.81) while workers in the Public Health system receive a much lower figure for saving lives.

The doctor spoke about this topic after caring for a patient who came to his office referred by his family doctor. After the examination, he diagnosed that he suffers from right lateral lumbosciatic pain, apparently due to a possible Lumbar Disc Herniation, which must be confirmed with magnetic resonance imaging studies.

When recommending that he rest at home along with the medication prescribed by his family doctor, the man rejected this request, because he would not be able to earn his full salary as an operator at the XX Aniversario Stone Mill, belonging to the municipality of Chambas, province Ciego de Avila.

When the man detailed his case and mentioned said figure, the doctor expressed the phrase “Dios mio”, which means “My God” in Spanish. León Gutiérrez repeated it when the worker told him that he paid 5,000 Cuban pesos for injectable B complex vitamins in the informal market.

“That’s practically my salary for a whole month,” said the doctor in front of the patient who was walking with great difficulty. Via Facebook, he shared a reflection related to the low pay received by Cuban doctors, while the authorities presume the Island as a medical power.

“I am not against this worker being paid said salary, nor against a bank worker, a policeman, an ETECSA worker, an artist or a self-employed person earning substantial salaries. I had this phrase of astonishment and frustration, because what I am against is the salaries that doctors and all public health personnel are paid, ”he said.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban doctor dares to complain about his low salary (USD $241.69 per month)”

  1. Wait, what’s on the wall behind the doctor? It’s not a Castro or Che, but the Sacred Heart–is that even legal? I’m afraid this is totally irregular, to say the least. The guy must be some subversive nut case. Move along.

  2. Low salaries for doctors is an example of the communist principal to despise and abuse people with talent. I had an uncle who was a self made successful businessman before Fidel (BC). Of course his business was taken by the state. Decades later when he retired his retirement check was much lower than the average. The reason given was that he had been wealthy in the 50’s. Never mind that he had come from a poor farm “campesino” family. His crime was that he was talented and had worked hard. This is how communism operates. Is it any wonder that Cuba is falling apart and the most productive people are leaving?

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