Colonization is off and running: Russian banks about to open, Russian UAZ cars to be assembled in Cuba

UAZ 2023 models

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Grand Putinia has wasted no time in starting its total takeover of Cuba. As Russian investors flock to colonize the island, and as plans are underway for the opening of Russian banks in Cuba, officials in Moscow announced that a factory for UAZ (Ulyanovsk Automobile) will soon be in operation on the island, along with service centers for said vehicles.

Apparently Ulyanovsk’s bosses are eyeing the Latin American market. Bolivia has been purchasing UAZ cars manufactured in Russia. Having an assembly plant in Cuba will make sales to other Latrine American countries easier.

Since UAZ manufactures police and military vehicles along with passenger cars and trucks, Castro, Inc. will have a guaranteed supply of repressive vehicles. The armored car model (above) will certainly come in handy if there are ever any public demonstrations of discontent.

No word on what arrangements are being made for the labor force, but it is likely to be similar to the exploitation already in place within Castro, Inc.’s tourist industry. Take-home pay is likely to be keyed to the skimpy rates set by Castro, Inc., which amount to the equivalent of slave wages.

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From NationWorld News

As part of a business meeting between Russian and Cuban businessmen that took place at the end of May 2023 in Havana, it was agreed to set up a Russian brand UAZ car assembly base on the island. According to reports in the Russian press, this launch will happen “soon”.

The information specifies that this was a decision that was made as a result of negotiations between representatives of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant and Cuban companies. So far, these talks have revealed several businesses, such as the opening of Russian bank branches on the island and the possible use of the ruble, the Russian currency, in transactions between the two nations.

They elaborate that the first batch of kits of these machines will arrive in Cuba in July-August 2023. Russian media claim that the main interest from the Cuban side was in UAZ Profi vehicles, as well as an ambulance.

Boris Titov, authorized by the President of Russia to protect the rights of businessmen, announced these plans to organize the assembly of UAZ vehicles in Havana, as well as the creation of service centers for the repair and maintenance of this type of car. on the island.

The Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant is looking to strengthen its cars presence in Latin America and Cuba will not be the first base, as since March 16 Bolivia has been paying in rubles for UAZ vehicles supplied to that nation from Russia. According to this report, this new form of payment, which will be sought to be implemented on the island as well, will greatly simplify business interactions.

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  1. But this isn’t “injerencia ajena” (foreign intrusion) or compromised national sovereignty or anything. It’s something older and more basic, meaning prostitution (along with the regime’s intrinsic parasitism).

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