Socialists in Spain crushed at the ballot box

Voters in Spain on Sunday sent a clear message that they are done with the corruption and incompetency of socialism. The Spanish Socialist Workers Party was crushed at the ballot box, while the conservative Popular Party made significant gains.

Via EuroNews:

Spain’s opposition conservative Popular Party (PP) made significant gains in Sunday’s key local and regional elections, offering a dire assessment of public feeling towards the ruling left-wing coalition ahead of general elections in December.

The result represents a clear change in the political map of local and regional power in Spain. 

In the local vote, the Popular Party won 31.5% of votes compared with 28.2% for the Spanish Socialist Workers Party, or PSOE, which leads the central government, with more than 97% of votes counted, according to results published by the Interior Ministry. 

This was a 1.2 percentage point decrease for PSOE on 2019, but almost a 9 point increase for the PP, which benefited from the collapse of the centrist Citizens party.

The PP also dominated several regions previously won by PSOE including Valencia, Aragon, and La Rioja.

After conservatives trounced the socialists in Spain, socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was forced to call a snap election (via Reuters):

Spanish Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez called a snap national election on Monday after left-wing parties were routed in a regional ballot, portraying the defeat as a debilitating vote of no confidence in his coalition government.

Sanchez had said on numerous occasions that he wanted to see out a full term in office and that elections would take place in December, near the end of his rotating presidency of the European Union, which begins on July 1.

But the scale of Sunday’s defeat, in which the conservative mainstream People’s Party (PP) took as many as eight regional governments from the Socialists, meant Sanchez felt compelled to “take personal responsibility for the results,” the prime minister said.

Of course, Spain is not out of the woods yet. Until the socialists are relegated to a miniscule and ineffective number in parliament, they will continue to inflict damage on the country in the never-ending socialist campaign to destroy freedoms and make everyone miserable. Sunday’s election, however, was a step in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Socialists in Spain crushed at the ballot box”

  1. The PP, like our Republican Party, is only the lesser evil, meaning it leaves much to be desired. Its current leader, yet another gallego, is anything but inspiring, like the ultimately worthless Rajoy was. As far as Cuba goes, don’t expect anything substantial, only somewhat better cosmetic appearances.

  2. Being that you are right about Núñez Feijóo, it should be noted that it is not clear that the PP will win in July but if it did, it would not have an absolute majority and would need the support of VOX. And I tell you one thing: Santiago Abascal (the leader of VOX) is not Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

    Santiago Abascal literally hates socialism and does not shut it up. Santiago Abascal has taken the Socialists to court dozens of times. Santiago Abascal has called for demonstrations of hundreds of thousands against the Socialists.

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