Castro regime refuses to acknowledge the first Cuban to climb Mt. Everest

Yandy Nuñez made history when he became the first Cuban to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. But if you live in Cuba and depend solely on communist state-run media for your news, you never heard a peep about it. So far, the Castro dictatorship has refused to mention a single word about Nuñez’s historic accomplishment.

Via Periodico Cuba (my translation):

Yandy Núñez Martínez, the mountain climber who became the first Cuban to reach the summit of Mount Everest, criticized state-run media in Cuba for not reporting on his achievement on May 17.

“My own country has not covered this news at all in the media. Do you know why? It’s simple, in dictatorships, all media outlets are under government control, and they decide which news to share or not,” wrote the Cuban athlete while sharing an article about his feat published by a media outlet in Iceland, where he has been living with his wife and son for the past 10 years.

In the post, Núñez Martínez went on to say: “I am very happy that other international media are covering my news with great enthusiasm. Throughout Cuba, the news of the first Cuban reaching the summit of Everest is spreading, and that is my greatest satisfaction.”

Furthermore, he added, “I don’t need anything from the Cuban dictatorship to cover my news because I am against communism, against the Cuban dictatorial regime, and against communist dictatorships. Long live a Free Cuba.”

Since Nuñez had made clear from the beginning that his harrowing journey to the highest point on the planet was inspired by his desire for a Cuba free of communist tyranny, the Cuban dictatorship has no inclination to publicize it. The Castro regime is interested in promoting only itself and it’s “revolution,” not Cuba, and definitely not the Cuban people.

The State above the individual and all else is the true nature of socialism.

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  1. This is an example of what Cubans and by extension Cuba can accomplish once they break free of communism. Fidel was correct in saying all is possible within the revolution and nothing is possible outside of the revolution. Except that his statement was a “double speak” from Orville’s 1984 book and meant the reverse.

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