Russian tourists disgusted by food served at Cuban luxury hotels

Cuban savages trying to amuse Russian tourists

From our Bureau of Finnicky Gourmands with some assistance from our Bureau of Easily Displeased Colonial Masters

Cuba’s new colonial masters are wasting no time in expressing their contempt for their new subjects. And these expressions of discontent may be very clear signs of worse things to come.

Russians are not only complaining about the quality of Cuban food, but also insisting that Cuban chefs be replaced by better-trained professionals from more civilized nations, such as Turkey.

What’s next? Will Russians complain about the wonderful entertainment available at Cuban hotels? (See photo above). Will they also replace Cuban entertainers? What about prostitutes? Will Russians feel compelled to bring in their own sex workers?

Aaaah. The many joys of being colonized.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Criticism of the food supply and its preparation in the Varadero hotels reached the Russian Telegram channels for tourism professionals. And the accusations range from the work of kitchen chefs to the scarcity of shellfish on an island surrounded by the sea.

According to the specialized Russian site, travel agents who intervene in the closed Telegram channel “Fuentes de TourDom” questioned the quality of the hotels in the largest resort in Cuba, according to their experience and that of the country’s vacationers who they visit the island.

“The quality of the food in hotels causes the main complaints from tourists. Cubans spoil cooked food in a very peculiar way, according to many of us. Even scrambled eggs,” said one of the professionals in the sector, whose identity the report did not reveal.

“The star category of the hotel in this sense does not guarantee anything. You need to know the situation from the inside for each one,” added the travel agent.

The general opinion is that the Russian tourist should look for a hotel where the chefs are not Cuban as the most advantageous option.

According to one of the participants in the exchange, at the PGS Varadero Resort, a four-star plus hotel managed by the Cuban firm Gaviota, part of the GAESA military business conglomerate, the management decided to hire Turkish chefs due to the complaints.

Continue reading HERE in Spanish for many more complaints.

3 thoughts on “Russian tourists disgusted by food served at Cuban luxury hotels”

  1. Cuba under the castro regime [that never ends] has become a bad copy of what it was supposed to have been [according to the propaganda] before fidel saved us from all of that ignominy: a country of kitsch tourism and all-around tackiness sustained by exploitative tourism. 64 years of sacrifices, 8-hour speeches, wars, blackouts, rationing cards and chusmeria to end up here. At this rate Cuba should just sink. I really think that its beyond salvation.
    It just gets worst and worst. So now the Russians are back in Cuba?

    • Yes, but it depends on perspective . Of course the “revolution” has been a disaster for Cuba and Cubans, but not for Castro, Inc. or its foreign admirers, who still cherish it as a fantasy object–a kind of sociopolitical porn for “progressives,” particularly the ones who don’t have to live in it.

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