Slide show of the day: The real gift of the ‘Revolution’ to Cubans

From our Bureau Socialist Progress with assistance from our Bureau of Really Big Big Lies That Fool the World

Question of the day: Is the photo above from 1958 or 2023?

Fooled by the black & white photo? It’s 2023.

The family in this photo is enjoying all the benefits of the so-called “Revolution”, which constantly boasts of having improved life for all Cubans.

Wooden hut, dirt floor, leaky roof.

The pregnant woman’s name is Noemí Grasset Morell. She has five children and is expecting a sixth. Her children have no shoes, and the dirt floor of their hovel has turned to mud due to recent heavy rains.

You can read about her plight HERE, in Spanish. Then take a look at the slide show below, for a peek at the many benefits of being poor in Cuba. One image is from Castro, Inc.’s official newspaper Granma, in which the dictatorship claims it has eliminated the squalor of pre-Castro days. Ha.

The bigger the Big Lie, the larger the number of fools who believe it.

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  1. You know, of course, that only those people really have a problem with this. The rest are just going, “So?”

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