King Raul Castro turns 92, predicts Russian victory in Ukraine during phone chat with Vice-Czar Dmitri Medvedev

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As one might expect, Czar Vlad the Invader did not forget King Raul’s birthday, but he was apparently way too busy to make the phone call himself, so he assigned that task to his Vice-Czar and chief minion Dmitri Medvedev.

Medvedev conveyed Czar Vlad’s birthday greetings as well as his thanks for Cuba’s support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and Raul responded by assuring Medvedev and Czar Vlad that Russia will emerge victorious from its righteous war of self-defense.

The King is 92, and still handling serious matters! What a great role model he is for Jar-Jar Biden.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The vice president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitri Medvedev, entered into a telephone conversation with Raúl Castro, whom he congratulated on his 92nd birthday, and the general once again expressed the regime’s support for the ally in its invasion of Ukraine.

“Moscow appreciates Cuba’s help to confront the West in the midst of a ‘hybrid war’ against Russia,” Medvedev declared during the call, according to the official Sputnik media.

“The vice president of the Russian Security Council added that Moscow appreciates the support that the friendly people of the Republic [of Cuba] provide our State in the confrontation with the collective West, in the face of the ‘hybrid war’ against Russia unleashed by the United States and NATO,” said a press release from Medvedev’s secretariat.

In the words of the senior Russian official, “the dynamics of the Russian-Cuban dialogue reflects a great effort to deepen multifaceted ties, which will continue to grow in the future.”

“Medvedev extended a heartfelt birthday greeting to Castro and wished him good health, well-being and a long life. The vice president of the Russian Security Council pointed out that Castro has been a symbol of the fight for the country’s ideals of freedom and independence throughout throughout numerous generations of the Cuban people, in addition, he thanked Castro for many years of fruitful cooperation and an enormous personal contribution to forging the relationship of strategic association between the countries,” the secretariat said, according to a report by the Russian agency Tass.

Medvedev conveyed to Raúl Castro the greetings and best wishes of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

According to the statement, the general expressed his “full support for Russia regarding the situation in Ukraine and his confidence in Russia’s victory.”

Whole story HERE in Spanish

2 thoughts on “King Raul Castro turns 92, predicts Russian victory in Ukraine during phone chat with Vice-Czar Dmitri Medvedev”

  1. Every time I see raul with his general’s uniform and all of his bars and stripes, it reminds me of the monumental farce Cuba is. When did raul or his late brother ever fight in a war? When were they soldiers? They went from charlatans hiding in the Sierra Mountain to full-fledged generals. The ignominy of it all. Cuba is the epitome of a Third World/banana republic.

    Let me add one more thing, there’s a saying in Spanish, “dime de que presume, y yo te dire de que careces.” [“Tell me what you boast about, and I’ll tell you what you lack.”] Everyone knows that raul is a closet “loca,” yet “she” governs over a country of homophobic macho men [who self-style themselves as having cojones]. You can’t make this shit up even if you try.

    • It makes little difference if Raúl Castro is a closet case or not. What really matters is that his military status is a fabrication and that his power (due entirely to nepotism) was always illegitimate. In other words, he’s a fraud, but the entire “revolution” is fraudulent, a monumental case of bait-and-switch which was simply a deliberate LIE, especially before 1959.

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