Nicaragua’s socialist dictator surrounding himself with Cuban ‘advisers’

Like Venezuelan dictators Chavez and Maduro before him, Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega’s inner circle is becoming dominated by “advisers” sent by the communist Castro dictatorship, well versed in the art of oppression. It is a scenario that has played out in Latin America numerous times, with the Cuban regime spreading the cancer of socialism all over the region.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Daniel Ortega surrounding himself with a growing number of Cuban ‘advisers’

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo’s regime has surrounded itself with an increasing number of Cuban “advisers” who have gradually displaced Nicaraguans who were previously part of Ortega’s inner circle. According to retired Nicaraguan Army Major Roberto Samcam, the country is experiencing an accelerated process of “Cubanization” of its repressive practices, as reported by the 100% Noticias portal.

Since coming to power in 2007, the Ortega regime has been widely known to have Cuban citizens operating as “advisers” in the country. However, after the uprising on April 18, 2018, the number of regular Cuban intelligence operatives has doubled, noted Samcam.

According to an anonymous source cited by 100% Noticias, Ortega has been bringing in Cuban advisers and displacing Nicaraguans due to distrust within his inner circle. According to this source, there are around 60 Cuban advisers in the country.

Samcam pointed out that Venezuela was the first country to “copy” all the armed forces, the army, and the police of the Cuban regime, but in Nicaragua, they have experience in military intelligence and counterintelligence.

According to the news report, the Cubans are present in all structures and units of the army to ensure Daniel Ortega does not encounter any issues or threats. It added that during the Operation Cleanup in July 2018, Cuban special troops were fighting alongside paramilitary forces, and there were even reports of Cuban casualties in Jinotepe.

In this process, the Cubans have infiltrated all structures of the state, with particular interest in customs ports to control what enters and exits the country and prioritizing the shipment of products to Cuba to alleviate the shortage of basic goods for Cubans.

Ortega and Murillo’s distrust of Nicaraguans is another factor why Cuban “advisers” have displaced locals. According to Samcam, Ortega and Murillo underestimate local officials, believing they have more experience and fearing leaks, defections, and information theft, as well as people who might provide information to the United States.

Samcam warns that Nicaragua is accelerating its process of the”Cubanization” of its repression, which implies an increase in state control over the population and a policy of state terrorism that is becoming increasingly unbearable for Nicaraguans.

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  1. It just came to me: the Murillo witch (who’s the real head of state now) is the Nicaraguan version of Cuba’s fake general. They both run around in what amount to ridiculous costumes, and the power of both is rooted in nepotism and completely illegitimate. But yes, they are bot great examples of Latrine “magical realism.”

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