Over 140 homes seriously damaged in Camagüey, 25 buildings totally collapsed

From our Bureau of Socialist Historic Building Maintenance

Torrential rains have left the city center of Camaguey devastated,. Many residents were hurt, but, miraculously no one was killed. Or, at least, no deaths have been reported.

64 years, 5 months, and 4 days of socialist neglect caused this disaster, not the rain. About half of these buildings were among the oldest in Camaguey. No Potemkin UNESCO rescue here, as in Old Havana.

Castro, Inc. reports that 39% of homes in Cuba need repairs. That, of course, is another Big Lie. They always hide the awful truth.

The lives of Cubans do NOT matter to Castro, Inc. All it cares about is attracting tourists to apartheid hotels and Potemkin sites so their dollars and euros can keep them in power.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The rains reported this week in Camagüey “have caused damage to 141 homes; of these, 25 total collapses; total damage to 33 roofs and 80 partial damage to family homes,” official journalist Miozotis Fabelo Pinares reported on her Facebook page.

The report adds that “most of the properties, 45 percent, are located in the historic center of the heritage city.”

Meanwhile, the independent journalist from Camagüey, Jose Luis Tan Estrada, pointed out that Camagüey is “a city that falls apart every day, due to the abandonment and insensitivity of the authorities that are far from the real problems of ordinary Camagüeyans.”

Cuba is facing a long-standing housing crisis, which mainly affects Havana, with 185,348 properties in poor condition, of which 83,878 need partial repair and 46,158 require capital reform, according to official figures.

Victims of previous collapses, housed for years in state shelters, need some 43,854 homes, while the population increase requires another 11,458 homes for new families.

In total, on the island, with just over 11 million inhabitants, there are only 3.8 million homes, of which 39% are in fair and poor technical condition, according to 2021 figures from the General Directorate of Housing quoted by the news agency EFE

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  1. Of course–“the people” have no real money and do not generate any on their own, so they’re basically a burden to the system, which scarcely pretends to care about them. Their only value is the money the “diaspora” sends them, and the regime knows the worse off “the people” are, the more money the “diaspora will shell out. Thus, it’s a no-win situation for ordinary Cubans.

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