Mired in scandal at home, Colombian president Petro heads to Cuba to continue sham terrorist talks

Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s socialist president, is heading to Cuba on Thursday to continue the sham negotiations to grant amnesty to ELN terrorists, some of which are fugitives enjoying safe harbor in Cuba as guests of the Castro dictatorship. Petro leaves behind an administration rocked by scandal and plummeting public approval numbers.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

The Presidency of the Republic of Colombia said that Gustavo Petro will arrive in Cuba on Thursday, June 8th, where the third round of negotiations with the guerrilla group National Liberation Army (ELN) is taking place, apparently to declare a ceasefire.

The trip takes place amid the serious crisis facing the government following accusations of irregularities in the financing of the left-wing president’s political campaign, which Petro denies.

Being a socialist, corruption seems to come easy to Petro. Recent leaked audio from the former Colombian ambassador to Venezuela, Armando Benedetti, once an ally of Petro, rails against the president for not giving him a ministerial post. Benedetti also implies he helped the Petro campaign receive millions in campaign contributions from narco-terrorists and threatens to release all the sordid details about the illegal contributions.

Via ABC News:

A corruption scandal that has shaken Colombia’s first leftist government and undermined its ability to carry out ambitious reforms grew on Monday, following the release of several voice messages featuring the nation’s former ambassador to Venezuela.

In the audios, which were released by Semana Magazine, former ambassador Armando Benedetti speaks to President Gustavo Petro’s chief of staff and threatens to disclose potentially damaging details of Petro’s 2022 presidential campaign.

Benedetti, who was once the president of Colombia’s senate, complains that he was not given the job of interior minister after it was vacated in April, and hurls insults at chief of staff Laura Sarabia. He says he hasn’t been given the “political space” he deserves after helping Petro win last year’s election.

The former ambassador alleges that he raised almost $4 million for the campaign from donors and hints that some of the money came from drug trafficking groups.

“I will not let you screw around with me,” Benedetti tells Sarabia in a threatening tone. He compares himself to Osama Bin Laden blowing up the twin towers in New York City and says that he doesn’t care if everyone in Petro’s inner circle goes down with him.

“I swear by the life of my children that we are all going to sink, we are all going to jail, this whole damn thing will blow up,” he says in the audio.

Since the release of the leaked audio, Benedetti has gone into hiding and claims he has received death threats from “very powerful people.” Considering Petro’s deep ties to narco-terrorists and their well-documented history of murdering anyone who threatens them or gets in their way, the claim is not hard to believe.

Via Ultimas Noticias:

The former ambassador of Colombia in Venezuela, Armando Benedetti denounced this Wednesday Threats received after the leak of some audios in which he threatened to reveal alleged illegalities in Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign, for which he asked for protection for himself and his family.

“I have physical evidence of threats that we have received directly and indirectly from very powerful people,” he said on his Twitter account.

The scandal and intrigue taking place in Colombia today is not unexpected. Whenever a leftist takes office, especially in Latin America, massive corruption is sure to follow. This eventuality has never failed, not even once.

That Petro is running to communist Cuba, the progenitor of leftist corruption, repression, and murder in Latin America, in an effort to escape scrutiny at home is no surprise. Whenever a child gets into trouble, they always run to their parents.