Cuban activist Rosa Maria Paya condemns the lack of international solidarity with the Cuban people

While the Cuban people continue to take to the streets to protest the tyranny of the communist Castro dictatorship, the international community continues to ignore their misery and look the other way. For Cuban human rights activist and the Cuban people, this lack of support is nearly as harmful as the Cuban regime itself.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Rosa María Payá condemns the international community’s lack of support for the Cuban people

Cuban activist Rosa María Payá denounced the violence in Cuba carried out by the State to instill panic in the population.

However, the coordinator of the Cuba Decide platform pointed out in an interview with Chilean journalist Iván Valenzuela that despite the state terrorism in Cuba, Cubans have continued to take to the streets, as happened on July 11, 2021 (11J) throughout the country, and recently in Caimanera, Guantánamo.

“This makes it clear that in Cuba, there is a deep conviction that in order to overcome the profound political and economic crisis, we must break free from the dictatorship,” she said.

On the other hand, she referred to the lack of support from the international community for the Cuban people.

“It is very frustrating for Cubans to see the lack of solidarity from the international community, with notable exceptions. But in general, Cubans receive very little solidarity despite being such an obvious case of repression and human rights violations, despite the fact the people risk their most precious possession, which is their own lives, in their pursuit of change,” said Rosa María Payá.

She added that this is accompanied by a great influence of the Island’s regime in several countries in the region and the Cuban government’s extensive propaganda to distort the truth.

Regarding the international community, she pointed out that her family has been trying for over ten years to have her father’s murder, the opposition leader Oswaldo Payá, recognized and for the Castro regime to face at least some consequences for its actions.

“It is the minimum that can be done to curb the impunity with which the Cuban regime continues to repress and kill within the Island,” she stated.