Swedish parliament calls on the EU to stop financing the Cuban dictatorship

As a whole, the European Union has ignored the misery and oppression of the Cuban people and helps the communist Castro dictatorship remain in power. But there are some nations in the union that want no part of that.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Swedish parliament calls for the suspension of EU financing of the Castro regime

The Swedish Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee will make a formal request to the government of Sweden to suspend the financing of the Cuban government by the European Union (EU) in its role as the current president of the EU.

The announcement was made by Swedish MP Markus Wiechel during a forum held at the legislative headquarters of the Nordic nation, attended by members of parliaments from various countries as well as Cuban exile leaders.

The legislator, in addition to arguing that the Castro regime should not be recognized as the legitimate representative of the Cuban people, pointed out that European funds sent to Cuba are used to oppress dissidents and keep citizens of the island impoverished.

The request to suspend financing to Cuba is based on a report presented by Swedish NO Björn Söder, who highlighted deficiencies in the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA) signed between Cuba and the European Union.

Orlando Gutierrez, the General Director of the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance, who was present at the hearing, considered this step a significant advancement towards reviewing the financing. He also emphasized the importance of Sweden and the EU joining sanctions against the Cuban regime to interrupt the sending of money that is ultimately used for repressive measures.

The Swedish Parliament’s decision has been well received by activists and leaders of the Cuban exile community. Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, an activist and former political prisoner, applauded the measure and highlighted the falsehoods of the agreement that portray Cuba as a democratic country in Latin America. The dissident hopes other countries will follow Sweden’s example and take similar actions.

In addition to the mentioned proposal, the Assembly of the Resistance and the Hemispheric Front for Freedom, along with representatives of Latin American unions and political parties, have taken steps to stop the financing of the Castro regime by the European Union.

Lithuanian Deputy Emanuelis Zingeris announced at the event the drafting of a resolution against repression in Cuba and the Castro regime’s alliance with Russia, with the aim of ending the delivery of money to the regime.

At the same forum, Member of the European Parliament Hermann Tertsch announced that the European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) will demand the resignation of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs of the European Union, Josep Borrell, following his “shameful” visit to Cuba.

Cuban politicians and opposition members lamented the lack of interest shown by Borrell towards political prisoners during his time in Havana. In a press statement, Borrell claimed to have addressed the issue, but did not provide details. Additionally, he returned to Europe without a list of detainees who oppose the communist system.

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  1. Oh, but what would Sweden know about Cuba? What matters is what the foremost European expert on Cuba, its Mommy Dearest, I mean Spain, thinks and says about the EU’s Cuba policy. And you’d better believe that’s VERY different from Sweden’s position. Lord, the contempt, not to mention the nausea.

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