2 thoughts on “We will discuss the Trump indictment with Richard Baehr, American Thinker”

  1. Silvio, the people who unleashed this know exactly what they are doing. Nothing is casual in politics. Clinton and Obama created partisan, politicized presidencies. Remember how Clinton used to create a crisis every time another one of his scandals would surface? He would bomb Iraq, etc… Remember how Obama would pass one presidential decree after another in order to bypass congress? This is nothing more than a continuation of pushing the line even more, of eroding our democracy further. They get away with it because our mainstream media is in their pocket. Look how they underreported Hunter Biden’s scandals.

  2. What damage has been done by whatever Trump is supposed to be guilty of, you asked.
    Compare that to what damage Biden has done to our country in any given five minutes.

    Mr. Canto, you are of Cuban descent. How are you able to be so polite in your analysis of this situation?

    You two are entirely too calm in this discussion.. ENOUGH! I am tired of being calm and analytical. Every Republican candidate should be fuming at what is being done to Trump. Don’t they all understand that any one of them that gets traction will be the one they will do this to next? The LEFT smells victory which means we will be a Commuist country, living in fear, not free, beholden to other countries who will have control over our sovereignty in the great reset.

    Enough with courtesy and calm analysis. This is the end of our country. How much of those millions from China to the Biden family is responsible for their ability to spy on our country from Cuba and worse? How much money went to buy Biden for all of the other disasters he creates every day?
    What damage has been done indeed.

    Trump made America Great and did so much good for free people everywhere. He was the greatest president since Reagan. Biden is more than a disaster. He is a deliberate enemy fulfilling Obama’s dream of bringing America down. If you want to look for what damage has been done, look at this disastrous presidency.

    And no one else on that side would do any better.

    Forget the calm analysis. Anger is required only.

    Trump 2024!

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