Cuba’s communist dictatorship frantically denies Cubans are barred from its apartheid hotels


From our Annals of Apartheid Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Social Justice

Gaviota, one of Castro, Inc’s tourism conglomerates, is stamping the “fake news” label on social media stories that expose its apartheid policies.

Naturally, such denials are to be expected from the masters of the Big Lie. But a Cuban whistleblower has posted an image on social media that proves this denial to be a lie. The image is a copy of a letter from the director of sales and marketing at the Angsana beach resort that contains the following instructions:

“In the event that any Cuban client manages to make a reservation, we will find ourselves in the unfortunate necessity of denying their entry to the hotel and canceling their reservation immediately, at no additional cost. This measure is not negotiable. . . “This action is not due to a matter of discrimination, but rather because of our owners’ policies and rules that we must abide by.” “

So, the truth is out: Cubans are not welcome at Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels. In addition, if they are not overtly discriminated against when they dare to show up –which happens continually, as the letter above proves — the cost of staying or eating at such facilities is so high that only oligarchs can afford them. How’s that for “social justice”?

Check out this story from The East Africa News Post that contain some details not mentioned in the article below.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano (contains images of the letter quoted above)

Gaviota Tourism Group, belonging to the GAESA military conglomerate, was forced to publish an official statement to “categorically deny the rumors circulating on social networks” about the ban on entry for Cubans to the Angsana hotel in the northern keys, a policy that many assure that it is followed in other facilities.

According to the state company, all customers, “regardless of their nationality, have the right to enjoy our services and facilities.” Therefore, they maintain the commitment to “provide an inclusive and enriching tourist experience for all our guests, without exception. Healthy and quality recreation is a right for all our clients and a premise for our group”.

Faced with the statement, shared from various profiles on social networks of official journalists, many Cubans assure that they will show the statement the next time they are denied to make a reservation at hotels in Gaviota.

For example, the Cuban accountant Raúl Bahamonde Bejerano wrote to the journalist of the Cuban Television Information System, Lázaro Manuel Alonso, asking him to do an investigation on the subject and publish it in the Noticiero Estelar. “I urge you to do a deeper investigation. Neither the reservation bureaus, nor the sales points, have offers in national currency for all-inclusive hotels. You can only make reservations online, where the only form of payment is with Mastercard or Visa cards. It is impossible to pay with cards in our currency, not even in MLC. So, what inclusive tourism is being talked about?” said Bahamonde.

According to Gaviota, its facilities “work hard to ensure that our guests have a unique and memorable experience. Our facilities offer a wide variety of services and activities designed to satisfy the needs and preferences of each client”.

For his part, Frank Rivero points out that “it is not necessary that they not let us in with the prices that those hotels have, we already know that we cannot go. Ham is not for dogs”.

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  1. Makes little difference, since the willfully blind will ignore whatever does not fit their narrative/agenda. Those inclined to believe (or appear to believe) the “revolution” will simply buy the official Castro, Inc. line.

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