Call issued at EU Parliament for the resignation of Castrophile Minister Josep Borell

Borell sports native costume while in Havana while fake Cuban president tries to look European

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A representative of Spain’s conservative VOX party has called for the immediate resignation of Minister Josep Borell for his shameful behavior during a recent visit to Cuba.

Borell refused to bring up the issue of human rights abuses, and instead promised more direct support from the European Union for the Cuban dictatorship.

Don’t expect anything to happen as a result of this move by VOX. Too many members of the European Parliament are still deeply in love with the so-called Revolution.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The Member of the European Parliament (MEP) of the Spanish political party VOX and president of the ECR-Eurolat Group, Hermann Tertsch, addressed a letter to the High Representative of the European Union (EU), the controversial socialist Josep Borrell, in which he demands his immediate resignation for supporting the Cuban dictatorship.

This occurs after the recent visit of the EU official to Cuba at the end of May, in which, as the VOX deputy recalls, Josep Borrell “did not have a minute to remember the political prisoners, retaliated against and sentenced” for defending freedom and democracy.

While the politician was on the island, he took the opportunity to blame the evident economic disaster of the island on a “ghostly” non-existent and ineffective embargo; in addition to trying to launder the Castro regime, which for 63 years has violated the Human Rights of the people, with “crimes and atrocious repression” and which “has only gotten worse.”

“Murders, torture, foreign subversion, slavery, terror, beatings of innocent people, illegal detentions, harassment, forced separations” among many other crimes, Tertsch recalled in his letter.

In addition, the MEP mentioned that human rights violations are not limited to the Cuban borders, since Havana is also “capital of the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group” the enormous “spider web that is the immense empire of the communist lie and organized crime” in Latin America.

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  1. Not that it matters much, but the old SOB could have spared us the guayabera bit, which is both condescending and insulting. Of course, I’m sure it didn’t occur to him that he was being an asshole, or rather, that he had any obligation to appear a little less offensive. Just humoring the savages, you see.

    • This guy is not an asshole at all:

      -Aeronautical Engineer from Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
      -Master’s degree in applied mathematics from Stanford University in Palo Alto
      -Postgraduate in Energy Economics from the French Institute of Petroleum in Paris

      But, alas!, he is a complete son of a bitch. Well… you could say this is redundant since he is a socialist. This is because I think there are two kinds of socialists: Stupid and Sons-of-a-bitch (Many belong to both groups)

      My apologies for bitches.

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