Cuban nun dares to criticize abysmal failure and ‘evil’ of so-called Revolution, sale of country to Russia

Sister Nadieska Almeida

From our Bureau of Courageous Nuns with some assistance from our Bureau of Potentially Lethal Truth-Telling

No doubt about it, Sister Nadieska Almeida is in for a lot of trouble. Castro, Inc. doesn’t allow anyone to dissent or to speak the truth about its innumerable failures.

Undoubtedly, she knows there will be a price to pay for speaking freely, but she has gone ahead and done it. If you are a praying person, pray for Sister Nadieska. If you are not, then simply admire her gumption.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The superior of the Daughters of Charity in Cuba, Sister Nadieska Almeida, called on the authorities of the Havana regime to listen to the people and take urgent measures to help recover the country.

In a text published on her social networks, the nun questions the new agreements with Russia and the influence that it could exert, once again, on the Cuban nation.

“Now a new and deeper relationship with Russia is imposed on us, but at the same time other alliances… I just wonder and I think that like me, many also question themselves, if there is no possibility from within… Are there no other alternatives? to get out of the hole in which they have placed us for years and the solution now is that we will be someone’s land and owners of nothing…?” he criticized.

“I refuse to silence that pain, I don’t want students to be forced to learn Russian again, I don’t want our mothers to start suffering for the possibility of a service outside of Cuba, it’s enough with what you suffer when you have that young people go to compulsory military service… we already know everything that has brought and continues to bring us, including deaths,” he added.

Sister Nadieska, one of the nuns who has raised her voice to denounce human rights violations and the economic, social and political crisis in the country, believes that the solution lies with the people. “It is about us, to include ourselves, to look and search together, to stop arrogance and listen to diverse, valid, intelligent and accurate criteria, it is about respect and dialogue, a common search, to put down absurd impositions, it is about restarting history, trying a new model of government, it is about humbly accepting that what has been trying and imposing for decades is not serving us…”

“Is it reasonable for a country to flood because its drainage service is collapsed and there are no forecasts to avoid disasters, when we know very well the rainy and hurricane season? Do they take into account all the consequences of flooding? How will the material losses be attended to and solved? ”, She questioned.

Telling the truth, she warned, doesn’t make enemies out of people. “We do not want to be accomplices of so much evil, of so much sadness and nonsense that is lived every day and to which so many situations are added… You know that it is in your hands… it is time to let the best of each one come out : Release the unjustly imprisoned prisoners, those of July, those of November, those of San Isidro, those of Caimanera…” she said.

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1 thought on “Cuban nun dares to criticize abysmal failure and ‘evil’ of so-called Revolution, sale of country to Russia”

  1. This good Sister writes clearly and efficiently Truth proceeds out of her. In any other country she would be a blessing to her society. However, in Cuba she does not fit in.

    The objective in Cuba is to make its people suffer physically, mentally and spiritually. To rob them of their health and to drain away any goodness in their souls until they become agents of Lucifer. Becoming slaves to Russia is just the next step downward into the living hell that Cuba has become. Do not despair, there is still a long way to go before reaching true hell.

    The revolution first robbed you of your faith. Now you live paralyzed in fear. Then it robbed you of your love. Now you live in anger and hatred. Lastly, it will rob you of your hope and your minds will be trapped in depression.

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