Iranian president on way to Cuba to forge military and energy deals after visits to Venezuela and Nicaragua

Iran’s Ebrahim Raisi and Venenozuela’s Nicolas Podrido

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neocolonialism with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Whorishness

All of a sudden –so it seems– Latrine America is wantonly selling herself to any potential sugar daddy who shows the slightest interest in her.

But this whoring has been going on for a long time. This time around, Iran is playing the role of sugar daddy. Naturally, every Latrine American nation is licking Iran’s feet, hoping to establish a parasitic relationship with the hard-core Muslim nation that hates the Western free world with incandescent intensity.

Iran might not be First-World, but it’s definitely a few grades above Third World. And it will soon have nuclear weapons, too, thanks to American and European lassitude. Castro, Inc. is delighted. Potential sugar daddy Iran is coming to visit. Roll out the red carpet!

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi will conclude military and energy agreements during his visit to Havana, where he will arrive on Wednesday from Venezuela and Nicaragua, his other two stops on his first visit to Latin America.

“As far as Venezuela is concerned, it is the oil area. In this sector, Iran has acted and we have verified in Venezuela that the industry has been able to rise thanks to cooperation. In the defense area, Iran has in-depth knowledge in this area Similarly, in Cuba and Nicaragua similar issues related to oil and defense will be discussed,” international analyst Basem Tajeldine told the official Russian website Sputnik.

“Our common position with these three countries is opposition to the hegemonic and unilateral system,” Raisi said before leaving for Caracas.

In the Venezuelan capital, and during his meeting with Nicolás Maduro, he was more explicit and assured that both countries have “an enemy in common”, alluding to the United States.

According to Tajeldine, a former adviser to the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry, this tour takes place in a context of “accelerated decline of US hegemony.”

“There is a multipolar world that is more evident every day, it is even accepted,” he said, so the Iranian president’s trip will “upset” the US. “Surely he will feel very angry with the presence of a leader like Raisi, who comes to address a very sensitive issue for our countries. But he has already done everything and has failed,” he assured.

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