Fake Cuban President Díaz-Canel to meet with Pope Francis in Rome next week

Trucutú and Papa Che at a previous meeting

From our Bureau of Latrine American Popes with some assistance from our Bureau of Fake Latrine American Presidents and our Bureau of Meetings Between Latrine American Heads of State and Vicars of Christ That Can Only Worsen Everything That is Already Intolerable

Ay, Dios mio! Such news could easily cause a stroke or heart attack for any “historic” Cuban exile such as Tres Fotutos, or any Cuban anywhere who hopes for a brighter future for Cuba.

Congenitally leftist Papa Che is about to meet with Castro, Inc.’s designated fake head of state, Trucutú Díaz-Canel in Vatican City next week.

Santa mierda de los puercos de Gaderena ((Mt. 8.28-34; Mr. 5.1-20, Lk 8:26-39)! This can only result in a worsening of conditions in Cuba, and an increase in repression and misery.

Some political prisoners might get released and exiled simultaneously, as has happened previously, but that ostensibly “humane” deal will do nothing to change Castro, Inc.’s totalitarian grip on the Cuban people and the Cuban economy.

And after meeting with Trucutú, Papa Che is scheduled to meet with ultra-leftist Castrophilic Brazilian President Lula da Silva.

Miserere nobis, Domine, Cubani et Latrini sumus.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Miguel Díaz-Canel will be visiting Italy next week to hold an audience with Pope Francis, announced the unofficial blog Il Seismografo, considered a reliable source with ties to the Vatican authorities.

The Italian Catholic newspaper Adista News cited “unofficial rumors from the Vatican” that would have confirmed the visit of the Cuban ruler and ensure that the meeting between Díaz-Canel and the Pope would take place on June 20.

That medium indicates that this is “probable, given that that day (Díaz-Canel) will be in Rome and will meet with President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.”

According to the same source, “Díaz-Canel’s stay in Rome, accompanied by his wife Lis Cuesta Peraza, will last a few hours because the final destination of his trip is France, where on the 22nd and 23rd he will participate in the world summit , sponsored by Emmanuel Macron, ‘New Finance Pact’ for the fight against poverty and climate change with the aim of ‘mobilizing private financing’ and ensuring that we do not have to ‘choose between the fight against poverty and the fight for climate and biodiversity'”.

Il Seismografo reported: “The Vatican sources consulted by us agree that it is a courtesy visit from the president, and that by the will of both parties it will be a simple meeting, without protocol, with the aim of reinforcing a personal relationship with the relationship of friendship that was consolidated little by little with the historic visit to the Vatican to John Paul II by President Fidel Castro, on November 16, 1996. Even in the difficult and tense moments between Havana and the Vatican, it has always been done everything possible to avoid polarizing the differences and above all to avoid the break that many expected”.

According to the report, after the emergency surgery that Francisco received last week, he will resume his activities as of June 18, and after meeting with Díaz-Canel, he will do so with the Brazilian president Lula da Silva. .

For the moment, the Cuban authorities have not made reference to Díaz-Canel’s trip.

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  1. The 11J prisoners are pawns for barter, same as Alan Gross was. The regime can easily release them, or enough of them to make it look good, but it wants and expects payback for that, which would have to come from a Dem administration. I expect Bergoglio is as much in cahoots with Biden as he was with Obama.

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