Cuba remains high on list of countries involved in human trafficking

Cuban slave doctors on their way to forced labor abroad

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Dystopias Admired by Liberals and Progressives Everywhere

Not much one can really say. Castro, Inc. is little more than a crime syndicate masquerading as a legitimate government.

Unfortunately, that masquerade not only goes undetected, but is actually mistaken for an altruistic enterprise, admired, praised, and supported by billions of other human beings on planet earth, especially in wealthy capitalist nations.

Never mind Latrine America. Its own dysfunction is so profound that dystopian Cuba is constantly mistaken for an utopian paradise.

Simply keep this in mind: Castro, Inc.’s exportation of slave doctors is so admired by folks in wealthy nations that this abominable form of human trafficking keeps being nominated for a Nobel Prize.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias:

The 2023 Report on Trafficking in Persons, prepared by the US Department of State, says that “the government of Cuba does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking and is not making significant efforts,” and therefore remained at Level 3.

The report indicates that during the period evaluated, there was a government policy or pattern to take advantage of labor export programs with strong indications of forced labor, particularly its program of medical missions abroad.

The Human Trafficking Report notes that “the government continued to deploy Cuban workers to foreign countries using deceptive methods and coercive tactics” and “failed to address labor violations and trafficking crimes despite a growing number of complaints from credible NGOs, former participants and foreign governments of the participation of Cuban officials in the abuses”

“Experts estimate that the Cuban government collects between six and eight billion dollars annually from its export of services, specifically, the program of medical missions abroad. Workers reportedly receive only a portion of their salary, ranging from five to 25 percent, and their salary is withheld in Cuban bank accounts, often in Cuban pesos instead of the currency in which it is paid. to the government for their services; the government garnishes workers’ accrued wages if they leave the program,” he reports.

It also mentions “a report on the rights of the child, published by an international organization” that expresses its concern “over Cuba’s policy of prohibiting parents who terminate a civil contract abroad from reuniting with their children.”

“According to an international NGO, by 2021, the Cuban government had sanctioned 40,000 professionals under these provisions, and in 2022, there were approximately 5,000 children forcibly separated from their parents due to government provisions for the program,” the Department says. of State.

The report further notes that sex trafficking and sex tourism, including child victims, occur within Cuba.

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  1. The problem of those who not only fail to condemn Castro, Inc. but actually praise it is not ignorance or stupidity but willful blindness, which basically amounts to perversity, aka hijeputez.

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