UN Refugee Agency: Cuba has the third-highest number of migrants and asylum seekers in the world

Ungrateful Cubans in search of capitalist selfishness and materialist excess

From our Bureau of Shameful Statistics with some assistance from our Bureau of Ungrateful and Selfish Miscreants Who Stubbornly Fail to Accept All the Wonders of Socialism and Communism

Bronze medal for Cuba! In the Exodus From Repression Olympics, Cuba has come in third! Ay, Mami! A whopping 4% of Cuba’s population has fled in the past two years.

Yet, despite such remarkable figures, Venezuela wins the gold, and Afghanistan gets the bronze. Nonetheless, since Venezuela is a colony of Cuba, one must assume that a great deal of credit goes to Cuba for Venezuela’s first-place ranking.

Fidel be praised! Raul be praised! Che be praised! Yet another great achievement of the so-called Revolution! It’s so hard to believe that once upon a time — as relatively recently as 1958 — Cuba attracted European immigrants seeking better lives and hardly any Cubans ever left the island in search for better lives elsewhere. or that there were more Americans living in Cuba than Cubans in the U.S.

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) confirmed the massive exodus that the Cuban population is experiencing in its report ‘Global trends. Forced displacement in 2022’, published on June 14.

In the registry, Cubans appear as the third nationality worldwide that requested the most asylum last year, with 194,700 applications, a figure six times higher than the previous year’s registry. Such an amount is only surpassed by two countries with a larger population than Cuba and that are experiencing serious conflicts.

Venezuela, with almost 30 million inhabitants —about three times that of Cuba— was the country whose citizens requested the most asylum, with 264,000. In second place is Afghanistan, with 208,500 applications.

In general, the UNHCR recorded 2.6 million new asylum applications from 140 nationalities in 155 countries. The number of new individual asylum claims has increased by 83% compared to 2021. Within the Latin American context, more than 42% of new claims come from Latin American and Caribbean countries.

The UN highlights as worrying that the displaced suffered persecution, conflict, violence, human rights violations and situations that seriously altered their lives in their countries of origin, for which they were forced to emigrate.

According to a study by experts from The Havana Consulting Group, during the last two years around 4% of the Cuban population left the country.

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