Roll over Mein Kampf: Seven-volume set of Che Guevara’s writings published in Cuba

Lily-white racists and Che idolaters behind this monstrous project

From our Bureau of Texts From Hell with some assistance from our Bureau of Printed Loathsome Ravings Best Suited For Personal Hygiene Tissue in Latrine American Totalitarian Hellholes Created by Their Author

Ay, Mami! Lord have mercy. As if the man himself wasn’t a large enough black hole in human history, Che idolaters at the Ocean Sur propaganda mill in Castrogonia have managed to dredge up enough intellectual and moral sewage from the toxic brain of Che Guevara to fill seven volumes with his sociopathic ravings.

How appropriate that all of the principal individuals involved in this project are not only light-skinned, but VERY light-skinned. This would have pleased the rabid racist Che immensely.

Tres Fotutos is eager to know, quien va a comprar esta mierda, y quien va a leerla? Who’s going to buy this crap, and who’s going to read it?

Oh, unfortunately, when it comes to Che, the devil has the entire world by the short nether hairs. As Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot have their idolaters, Che has his. Nothing gives the devil a greater thrill than making humans believe that absolute evil is a good thing. And he’s quite an expert and very successful at pulling off this trick with one of his favorite disciples, Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

Seven volumes. Good Lord have mercy. Maybe Cubans will buy it, just so they can have a good supply of toilet paper. Seven volumes. That’s a hell of a lot of pages, after all. But will any ordinary Cuban be able to afford this literary monstrosity?

Finding stuff with which to to wipe one’s ass is one of the most constant preoccupations for Cubans, thanks to Che and his economic policies. Nowadays, even tobacco leaves are in short supply. Too bad the seven volumes won’t be given away gratis, to each and every Cuban.

Ah, but come to think of it, the mere fact that Castro, Inc. has spent a considerable amount of money on this project at a time when the country is totally bankrupt is a sure sign that the oligarchy has finally slipped into irreversible and potentially lethal madness.

Loosely translated from CubaNet

With great fanfare, the new anthology of Ernesto “Che” Guevara has just been presented at the Casa de las Américas, a text in seven volumes, edited by Ocean Sur with the advice of the Havana Center for Che Guevara Studies.

According to its presenters, it is a compendium that includes almost all the work written by the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla, with special chapters on his youth, his time in the Sierra Maestra, the years in the Cuban government, and his last stages in the Congo. and Bolivia.

An ambitious and expensive project that will be of very little use to its potential readers. Because any moderately informed observer knows that Che Guevara’s thought is inapplicable today. His calls for economic centralism, his contempt for categories such as profit and profitability, as well as the disdain with which he viewed market relations lie buried in oblivion today.

Even in those nations where political immobility prevails, some with one-party systems, there has been no choice but to apply the levers of the market to get the economy afloat.

Not even in Cuba, despite what official academics express in programs like the Round Table, Che’s economic thinking is valid.

That government insistence on fighting for the autonomy of the socialist state company would have collided head-on with Guevara’s postulates that called for a company tied to the upper levels of the economy through the Budgetary Financing System. I dare to assure you that Che would have agreed much less with the presence of non-state actors such as MSMEs, non-agricultural cooperatives and self-employed workers.

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  1. Who’s going to buy and read this shit, you ask? Isn’t it obvious? The same people who’d want to visit the very pricey shrine to Fidel Castro in Havana–and yes, there ARE such people, and they’re not the proverbial cuatro gatos, even if their numbers are not what they were. It all boils down to miseria humana.

  2. The Havana Center for Che Guevara Studies. Just imagine who’d work at such a place. Sort of like people whose job it is to make sculptures from human feces. Well, no doubt there’s a center for Fidel studies.

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