NBC’s Chuck Todd FURIOUS that those UPPITY Cuban-Americans don’t know their place in the ‘Hispanic’ quarters of the liberal plantation!

“NBC anchor Chuck Todd was appalled by the sight of Hispanic supporters greeting President Trump at a Miami restaurant after he left the courtroom on Tuesday, declaring their support a “perversion.”

Trump was enthusiastically cheered by supporters and religious leaders at famous Cuban restaurant Versailles in Miami after he pled not guilty to 37 felony counts of alleged mishandling of classified documents in federal court.

During NBC News’ live coverage Tuesday, Todd appeared aghast at the “surreal” scene of crowds gathering outside the café in Little Havana.

“My word. I mean we’ve not seen something like this in the United States before,” Todd exclaimed. He compared the reception at Trump’s pit stop to “corrupt” political figures in Central and South American countries who are celebrated by supporters while “under legal threat.”

“There is a faction of very conservative MAGA Hispanics who are very much rallying around, sort of, almost see common cause, the injustices of America with Cuba and Venezuela —He’s trying to wrap himself in this, in the sort of the folks who claim their exiles, in the exile community,” Todd ranted.

“It’s a real perversion of what the exile community used to fight for. I mean —This is what makes it so surreal to see it here in the U.S. We were the safe haven for those that were escaping moments like this,” he added. The journalist believed the “bizarre moment” would take “years for us to understand.”

Oh, by the way:. In that notorious “Banana Republic” known as Cuba under Batista, that “DICTATOR!” was unable to pull against Fidel Castro’s terrorists with his judiciary what Biden pulled against Trump and many of his aides with Garland and the FBI.

To wit; After Castro’s terrorist band attacked the Moncada barracks killing dozens of Cubans, and independent judge named Manuel Urrutia refused Batista’s demands that he condemn them. Instead judge Urrutia ordered them freed, claiming they were within their rights to rebel against the Batista regime, which was illegitimate….what-ever the strictly judicial merits of that (INDEPENDENT) judicial decision– we all know the rest of the story. In fact, upon bombing and shooting their way to power, Fidel and Che then appointed Urrutia as Cuba’s first “President”—WHAT A JOKE!…….


7 thoughts on “NBC’s Chuck Todd FURIOUS that those UPPITY Cuban-Americans don’t know their place in the ‘Hispanic’ quarters of the liberal plantation!”

  1. This guy is completely inconsequential and beneath notice, let alone comment, but I’m bored right now. I guess he figures if he hyperventilates enough, he’ll stand out from the rest of his sort. It goes without saying he’s pathetic, but not as pathetic as the fact he’s getting paid far better than far worthier people.

  2. Needless to say, the irony of perverted journalism calling anything perverted doesn’t faze such a clown.

    • Come ON, amigo Ray! You must know we’re very scrupulous about documenting everything we post on here at Babalu. The video is linked right before the pic of Biden and Garland, where you can hear Todd losing it….

      • Thanks Humberto. I accessed the link. Wowsa! You weren’t kidding! Chuck Todd blew a gasket! And allow me to note, he’s definitely a bigot. He analogy about how supporters rally around strong men in Latin America is a xenophobic attempt to otherize Cuban Americans and make us seem like a corrupt blight on the American body politics. What a vile piece of work.

  3. Todd was giving his opinion not reporting the news.. He needs to realize this is the USA and there is freedom of speech, the demonstration of support for Trump was peaceful.. it does not matter who you are going to vote for everybody has a right to support a candidate as bad as they all are …

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