A Cuban boy’s heartbreaking Father’s Day letter to his political prisoner father

While children in the free world got to enjoy Father’s Day together with their dads, one Cuban boy once again found himself separated from his father. This is socialism in action.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Boy writes letter to his political prisoner father: ‘Dad, another Father’s Day without you’

Hugh Dieter Pupo Santana, the son of political prisoner and July 11, 2021 protester Samuel Pupo Martínez, wrote an emotional letter to his father on Father’s Day.

The letter, published by his mother Yuneisy Santana González, highlights the sad reality of hundreds of children of the Cuban regime’s political prisoners who are separated from their parents.

“Dad, another Father’s Day without you, I won’t be able to give you a kiss, a hug, or tell you congratulations to the best dad in the world. I miss you a lot, now I’m in final exams, I miss how we used to study together, now I do it with mom, poor thing, she’s very sad and thin,” the child wrote.

In the letter, the child asks God to protect his father in prison, which he refers to as “that dark place,” and hopes that he can be with them at home soon.

Pupo Martínez was sentenced to three years of prison on charges of “public disorder” and “contempt” after participating in the anti-government protests on July 11 in the city of Cárdenas, in the province of Matanzas. Since then, his wife has been demanding his release, as well as the release of other detained protesters.

In April, Pupo Martínez’s request for parole was rejected after an appeal filed by his wife, Santana González, which was also dismissed.

According to Santana González, the authorities justified the denial of parole based on a “behavior report” from December 2022 when her husband was ill and mistreated in prison.

Furthermore, she stated the prison doctor is lying about the conditions and available medications, putting her husband’s health at risk. Santana González expressed her disappointment and affirmed she will continue to fight for her husband’s release, believing he is unjustly imprisoned and also ill.

Cuban State Security has threatened Yuneisy Santana González with imprisonment for demanding the release of political prisoners.

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