Pope Francis receives Cuba’s sock puppet president at the Vatican

Miguel Diaz-Canel, Cuba’s sock puppet president put in place by the brutally oppressive and murderous Castro dictatorship, arrived at the Vatican on Tuesday for a private meeting with Pope Francis.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Miguel Díaz-Canel arrived at the Vatican shortly before 10 AM this Tuesday for what constitutes his first meeting with Pope Francis as the leader of the Cuban regime, although they have met on other occasions. It is expected the request to release political prisoners will be made during the meeting.

Díaz-Canel arrived at the Plaza del Fungo accompanied by his wife, Lis Cuesta Peraza, where they were received by the Prefecture of the Papal Household official Leonardo Sapienza, who is in charge of protocol. According to the newspaper El Debate, the meeting was scheduled to take place in the office adjacent to the Paul VI Hall, where major events are held in the Vatican.

According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry on Twitter, the meeting between Francis and Díaz-Canel will be a “private audience.”

One would hope the Pope would exert his influence on Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship to stop their crimes against humanity, but this is Papa Che. It will likely be more like meeting a comrade.

Throughout his tenure as the Vicar of Christ, Francis has done practically nothing to help the oppressed Cuban people while actively legitimizing the dictatorship that brutalizes them. It is unfortunate, to say the least.

It’s unreasonable to believe a Pope or the Catholic Church can force an atheistic Marxist regime to change its ways, but at a minimum, they should not be helping them stay in power.

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  1. The audience lasted 40 minutes, and included an exchange of gifts. See https://tinyurl.com/5yp7n4a7 . I expect that, given his recent surgery, Bergoglio would not have received a Republican POTUS–and even if he had, he would not have given him as warm a welcome. Remember the Trump visit?

    The papal audience was followed by a meeting between Cuba’s unelected “president” and Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican’s Secretary of State, where additional business was no doubt conducted.

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