6 thoughts on “Watch and weep, listen and retch: Love fest between Pope Francis and Cuba’s puppet dictator Diaz-Canel”

  1. We must remember that the pope does NOT care about the feelings or wishes of “those people,” in or out of Cuba, as he has shown repeatedly. In other words, his behavior now, albeit disgusting to say the least, is part of an established pattern and not at all surprising. If nothing else, he’s consistent, and not just on Cuba.

    A few minor points of interest include that the “first son” tagged along with his parents (but of course), and that the gifts given to the pope included books of poetry by Cuban writers Cintio Vitier and his wife Fina García Marruz, both deceased, both reputeddly “good Catholics,” and both sell-outs to the Castro “revolution” (to the point they both signed the 2003 public letter supporting the political arrests of the Black Spring and the summary executions of three Cubans of color for trying to escape Massah Castro’s plantation).

    I will not watch the video. This business is already nauseating enough–and if the pope doesn’t realize he’s causing scandal (explicitly forbidden by Christ), he’s either an idiot or senile, and he’s neither.

  2. Even from still photos, which are all I’ve seen or care to see of this encounter, the optics are VERY bad, but they’ve been even worse before, and more than once, so again, there’s nothing new here. The best I can say for “His Holiness” in this business is that he may believe he’s in the right, but typically, so do heretics.

  3. It may be better not to wallow too much in this sort of muck, whether with Bergoglio or some other figure(s), and Lord knows there are many others–but yes, we must be aware and never forget who’s who and what’s what, while accepting that the reality is indeed very ugly, as it has been since the beginning.

  4. Conceivably, this pope may labor under the delusion that one can reform and redeem hardened evil by smiling at it and being effusively cordial to it. Funny how Jesus didn’t do that even with the money changers.

  5. The Catholic church has a horrible reputation: inquisition, indulgences, witch burnings. During the Cuba War of Independence, they sided with Spain, etc… What the current pope is doing is just more of the same. In the 1960s, there was a horrible case that highlighted the church’s position vis-a-vis Cuba. Two brothers tried to seek political asylum in the Vatican embassy in Cuba and they were expelled and handed over to the regime that promptly executed them. And let’s not forget the Vatican Nuncio to Cuba, Monsignor Sacchi who used to cut sugar cane in solidarity with castro.

    Every day, I understand and admire more, Martin Luther.

  6. On a visit to Chile under Pinochet, John Paul II did not want to be seen publicly with him to avoid giving any impression of approval or collusion. He failed because Pinochet tricked him, but he expressly tried to avoid compromising optics, which Bergoglio has evidently neither worried about nor avoided. It’s as if he were oblivious to the matter, as if it were totally inconsequential. Apparently, he does not see it as a problem and blithely does his thing without any appreciable caution or discretion, as if he WANTED to do it. Appalling.

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