Cuba to serve as tropical spa for 1,200 employees of Russia’s Rosneft oil company

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neocolonialism

This is among the first of many deals Castro, Inc. has made with its new colonial master, Grand Putinia. It’s a weird one, for sure.

No word on who is paying for these trips to Cuba, which include time at the beach and medical check-ups for these Russian visitors. Knowing how Castro, Inc. operates, Russia will be footing the bill.

And those Rusneft employees could be military or intelligence experts sent to do what must be done to turn Cuba into a full-fledged colony.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

More than 1,200 employees of the Russian oil company Rosneft will travel to Cuba in the second half of 2023 to rest, undergo medical examinations and do tourism, announced the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Gerardo Peñalver Portal, who accompanied Prime Minister Manuel Marrero during his visit to the Eurasian nation.

“There is a very important possibility of expanding the so-called corporate and health tourism. For example, it was agreed that in the second semester more than 1,200 workers from Rosneft, Russia’s leading oil company, will come to rest and have a medical check-up, a very interesting and that boosts the Cuban tourism industry,” said the official in an interview published by the official website of the Cuban Presidency.

Last week, Marrero announced that Rosneft will supply Cuba with 1.64 million tons of oil and oil products per year. “Rosneft is ready to implement this project,” the prime minister said.

The official did not specify how Havana will pay for these shipments. The Cuban regime owes Moscow hundreds of millions of dollars.

The announcement of the opening of this type of business spa brings to mind when, in May 2022, a deputy to the Russian Duma (Lower House of the Federal Parliament) proposed that the Moscow soldiers wounded in the invasion of the Kremlin against Ukraine are reestablished in “spa sanatoriums” on the beaches of Cuba.

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  1. And I suppose they’ll be well fed at the spa. Just another slap in the face to the Cuban people.

  2. Of course they’ll eat far better than ordinary Cubans, but Cubans are so used to being slapped in the face by the regime that they probably think it’s just a gust of wind or some such by now. It happens constantly.

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