Cuban dictatorship signs deal with Italian online merchant to sell Cubans food and medicine in dollars and euros only

Trucutú and some of his new Italian capitalist business partners

From our Bureau of Socialist Monopolies with some assistance from our Bureau of Slimy Unprincipled Italian Capitalists

Trucutú Diaz-Canel did much more than meet with Papa Che while he was in Rome.

The fake “president” and his minions also met with Italian businessmen and sealed several deals favorable to Castro, Inc. One such deal with an Italian merchandiser will make it possible for Cubans anywhere on earth (except for Cuba) to purchase food and medicines online.

Of course, all the transactions with Italian firm Farma Venda will pass through Castro, Inc.’s hands, which means that the dictatorship’s monopoly on all economic activity will rake in huge profits on every product purchased.

And, naturally, 99.9 percent of Cubans on the island will not be able to afford the products offered by this online store, given the ever-shrinking value of the Cuban peso and the stagnant low salaries paid to all Cubans by Castro, Inc..

So, yes, once again, as ever, the parasitic state of Castrogonia will be relying on Cubans in the “diaspora” to keep their relatives on the island alive, and, in the process, to keep the military junta in power by lining its pockets with dollars and euros.

No word yet on all of the other deals struck in Rome by Trucutú and his entourage.

Historic deal-making meeting between Cuban Mafia and Roman Mafia

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The Italian company Farma Venda will invest in a store of food and pharmaceutical products in Cuba, as part of the permits granted by the Castro regime for foreign investors to venture into the island’s retail trade.

According to a review by the EFE agency, the agreement was officially signed in the framework of Miguel Díaz-Canel’s most recent visit to Rome, where he met with a group of businessmen who have had ties to the communist dictatorship throughout of the last decades.

The Ministry of Domestic Trade (Mincin) had previously confirmed that Farma Venda, with 40 years of presence in Cuba, began the procedures to develop an online store in the Caribbean country, where it would sell its products after processing purchase orders and payment. of customers electronically. Until now, no further details of the process are known, but it is almost certain that the commercialization will be done in Freely Convertible Currency (MLC).

The communist regime is holding talks with businessmen from “Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Russia; Spain, Italy, India, Argentina and Uruguay” to convince them to invest in Cuba under the new modality approved since August 2022.

However, the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade, Ana Teresita González Fraga, ratified that the State will continue to exercise the monopoly over foreign trade. “We have not renounced the foreign trade monopoly nor will we renounce it. This is a very important element that must be taken into account”, commented the deputy minister.

Whole story HERE, in Spanish, with more photos

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