Three imprisoned Cuban women write letters signed in their own blood to Pope Francis pleading for liberation of all political prisoners

Lizandra Góngora, María Cristina Garrido and her sister, Angélica Garrido

From our Bureau of Very Bold and Impressive Missives to the Vicar of Christ

Might Papa Che feel troubled by these women and their pleas, or will he dismiss them as incorrectly “ideological”?

Will the word “Libertad” written in blood give him feel even a twinge of shame? Will their request that he speak out against communism give him pause, or make him reflect on his behavior?

Only God and Papa Che know for sure. But, given his past behavior, he might not even touch those letters, much less read them.

Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuban political prisoners Lizandra Góngora, María Cristina Garrido and Angélica Garrido, members of the Republican Party of Cuba, wrote three letters to Pope Francis asking him to intercede in favor of the release of all Cuban political prisoners, after hearing the news of the meeting between Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel and the Supreme Pontiff this Tuesday in Vatican City.

Luis Rodríguez, Angélica Garrido’s husband, shared the messages with Martí Noticias and commented that the three women, imprisoned for participating in the anti-government protests of July 2021, had agreed to draw letters on the anniversary of the social outbreak, but decided advance them when they learned that Díaz-Canel would travel to Rome to meet with the highest representative of the Catholic Church.

The messages, which close with the word freedom written in blood, were clandestinely taken from the El Guatao penitentiary center in Havana, although the opposition member Lizandra Góngora is being held in the Isla de la Juventud special municipality. For security reasons, Rodríguez preferred not to reveal the mechanisms used by prisoners of conscience to make his voice reach public opinion.

María Cristina Garrido, sentenced to seven years behind bars, appealed in her letter to the Latin American origin of the Pope and asked him to speak out against communism in Latin America and for the release of political prisoners in Cuba.

“Cubans continue to take to the streets driven by police abuse, rape, hunger and hardship that the failed socialist economy continues to bring, but above all by the desire to be free of that hateful ideology that hammers minds and crushes hearts. dreams”

Whole story and photos of the text of all three letters HERE in Spanish

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  1. I fully expect some sort of prisoner release is in the works, but the regime wants a good deal in exchange for being “humanitarian.” The political prisoners are just so many barter units, like livestock or other goods. And no, the regime is not just out to look better–it wants tangible, material benefit$. I also fully expect Bergoglio is involved in the business like he was in Obama’s “normalization,” and no matter how much the regime may benefit as a result, he’ll be fine with his role in that, just as he’s still fine with helping Obama.

    Thus, no matter how one slices it, “His Holiness” remains highly compromised, as he has always been.

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