Three more Cuban women murdered: Femicide toll climbs to at least 44 this year

Miriam Isern Mompié, murdered by her male partner

From our Bureau of Socialist Machismo with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Crime Control

Cuban women are being murdered by their male partners at an unprecedented rate. Not all such deaths end up being recorded as murders, so the total number of victims could be higher than 44.

One of the murders reported this week took place back in February. The latest one took place a few days ago. In addition to those reported by Diario de Cuba, below, Periodico Cubano reports another. That victim was 59 year-old Miriam Isern Mompié.

These three murders and all the others can be attributed to socialist “social justice,” which has led to the collapse of Cuban society. One must also assume that Castro, Inc.’s police are more focused on arresting dissidents rather than on controlling crime.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Two new femicides reported in the last few hours in Cuba brought to 44 those that occurred in less than six months of 2023, according to the underreporting kept by independent observatories.

The new fatalities of sexist violence on the island were called Liudmila (Lula) Lewas Rendo and Yanet Mejías González, according to a Facebook post from the Yo Sí Te Creo platform in Cuba.

The first, 34 years old, “was attacked by her partner, on February 13, in the town of Pedro Soto, in Melena del Sur,” reported Yo Sí Te Creo, which verified the incident in conjunction with the Observatory of Genre from the feminist magazine Alas Tensas (OGAT).

Both organizations thanked “all the people who facilitated the verification of this difficult case.”

With this fact, which both observatories were able to confirm four months after it occurred, deaths as a result of male violence in February rose to ten.

“We also regret the death of Yanet Mejías González, 24, on June 16, when she was attacked by her ex-partner on public roads, according to a report by Radio Martí. Our condolences go out to her relatives,” the observatories added.

Mirielis Garbán León, a friend of the victim and cousin of the perpetrator, told Radio Martí that the alleged feminicide turned himself in to the authorities after committing the act.

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