Cuba boasts of hosting 1.2 million visitors in past 5 months, nearly half of them Canadians

Cuba for black Cubans

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Victims of Racism Who Promote Travel to Racist Nations

The numbers are still way down from pre-pandemic levels, but the hacks who promote Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist industry are desperately trying to put a positive spin on the low numbers.

But there is one nation on earth that Castro, Inc. can always count on: Canada.

Those Canadians can’t get enough of Cuba and its apartheid hotels and resorts. They have a fever, and the only prescription is more apartheid.

Meanwhile, as Castro, Inc.’s top oligarchs are busy selling the island to Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, or anyone who will buy a piece of it, the low number of tourists is scaring the hell out of them. But, oh, their publicists know how to spin the story, for sure.

One of these spin factories is Travel Noire, which describes itself as “a digital media company serving millennials of the African Diaspora.” How ironic. How moronic. Don’t these fools know that Cuba’s rulers are among the most racist of all white people on earth?

From Travel Noire :

With its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and warm hospitalityCuba continues to attract travelers from around the world. Tourism in Cuba has seen a remarkable surge in international visitors during the first four months of 2023. The country welcomed over 1.2 million visitors, marking a significant increase compared to the previous year.

Approximately 495,000 of Cuba’s visitors have been from Canada. The nation is leading the pack for Cuba’s thriving tourism industry. Following closely behind are visitors from the United States and Russia. The United States had 54,000 visitor, and Russia had 44,000 visitors. This further highlights the growing appeal of Cuba as a travel destination.

The Cuban government aspires to revitalize the country’s tourism industry to pre-pandemic levels. Prior to the pandemic, over 4 million annual visitors were recorded. They aim to welcome approximately 3.5 million foreign tourists this year. This signals a steady recovery and a positive outlook for Cuba’s economy.

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