Shocking! New York City Council votes to lift U.S. embargo on Cuba

Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron’s resolution calling on the US to end its embargo of Cuba was approved by the City Council.

From our Bureau of Offensive Symbolic Resolutions

Not shocking at all. Many city councils in the U.S. have repeatedly approved resolutions that condemn the embargo and call for its abolition.

The sponsor of the NYC resolution spouted Castronoid propaganda word for word., and his fellow council members were obviously eager to agree. What else can one expect from city councils dominated by lopsided Democrat majorities?

From the New York Post

Comrades on the City Council are demanding the United States end its longtime embargo of Cuba — even as the communist republic is reportedly plotting to help China spy on American citizens.

The predominantly progressive Democratic Council on Thursday voted to back a resolution by Brooklyn Councilman Charles Barron, calling on the US to remove Cuba from its “State Sponsors of Terrorism” list, while also ending a travel ban to Cuba and other sanctions against the island nation, in place since 1960.

“I am sure this resolution is weighing heavily on President [Miguel] Diaz-Canel’s mind as he opens up his nation to Chinese intelligence,” fumed Council Minority Leader Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) to The Post.

He was referring to a Wall Street Journal report on Tuesday that China and Cuba are negotiating to establish a joint military training facility on the island that could lead to Chinese troops being stationed just 100 miles off Florida’s coast.

Barron, a Democratic Socialist who reps East New York, New Lots and other parts of northeast Brooklyn, insisted during Thursday’s meeting that the embargo has been financially crippling and unfair to Cuban residents.

Councilman Ari Kagan (R-Brooklyn), who grew up under Communist rule in the former Soviet Union, said he couldn’t support the resolution, saying “it’s important to keep sanctions on Cuba for as long as Cuba’s socialist government oppresses its own people and commits acts of terror against other nations.”

3 thoughts on “Shocking! New York City Council votes to lift U.S. embargo on Cuba”

  1. Very old story, but yes, it’s offensive–a mixture of ignorance, arrogance and perversity. Yet another instance of why I have always objected to using alien role models like MLK or Gandhi, since their people obviously do NOT get Cuba or Cubans and aren’t just indifferent to Cuba’s plight but part of the problem.

  2. There is no advantage to American citizens tio do this. There definitely is a lot of disadvantage to rewarding an enemy so close to our shores who are allowing China to have bases and who are colluding with many of our enemies and making our country more vulnerable.
    So many in this country hate Trump for all the wrong reasons. But what these doofuses have done, Trump would never do. He will override it when he is reelected.

    Trump knew who our enemies were and how to treat them.

    More and more our country is becoming Cuba.

    This ugly action by the left wing New York City Council only adds to the absurdities of the changes in our country. I’ll bet if you asked these jerks how they feel about the latest Biden Iran deal, which gives Iran the right to enrich Uranium even more and releases tens of billions of dollars to Iran so they can fund more terrorism to try to destroy Israel and America , they’d be fine with that, too.

    Our enemies are within as well as offshore.

    • Maybe people who pull this shit are simply stupid, arrogant and perverse, which is plenty bad enough, but sometimes I can’t help suspecting that they also do it to give “those people” the finger.

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