Castro dictatorship issues warning as Dengue and Zika epidemic worsens in eastern Cuba

From our Bureau of Highly Esteemed Latrine American Medical Powerhouses with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Mosquito Control

Castro, Inc.’s oligarchs had to admit that the mosquito population in eastern Cuba is now out of control, and that the number of dengue cases is rapidly increasing. The oligarchs also admitted that more aggressive fumigation is desperately needed.

Castro, Inc. announced that it will begin to increase fumigation next week, but that promise is as empty as its insecticide tanks,, mainly because it simply can’t afford to purchase anything it needs. Besides, insufficient fumigation and poor sanitation –both caused by Castro, Inc.’s neglect — are the cause of this epidemic in the first place.

Given the island’s current economic crisis, it is highly unlikely that the insecticide needed to battle the epidemic will magically appear, or that the garbage heaps and stagnant water in which the mosquitos breed will be cleaned up. The current fuel shortage makes any such thing impossible.

Socialism in action. The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is as uncontrollable as the island’s inflation rate. And, unfortunately, these pesky insects transmit not only dengue fever, but also zika, chicungunya and malaria. Vamos bien!

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The authorities of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology (CPHEM) in Guantanamo decreed an alarm phase, a prelude to the epidemic phase, due to the high rate of dengue, due to the appearance of 705 outbreaks of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, according to the publication of the local newspaper Venceremos.

Leonel Heredia Carpintrú, deputy director of the CPHEM, confirmed to the outlet that the presence of the dengue-carrying mosquito is throughout the province, with the exception of the municipalities of Maisí and Yateras.

The most complicated territories are Manuel Tames, Caimanera and the provincial capital. There, in the houses, is where the greatest focality is detected, especially in the low tanks used by the population to store water. In June, it is appreciated 30% higher than that registered in May, a month that historically has a high spread of dengue due to increased rainfall.

Given the epidemiological complication, the official warned that an intensive campaign against the mosquito will be carried out this week, which also facilitates the proliferation of diseases such as Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever. However, the report does not detail whether fumigation actions will be increased as part of the program, which have been depressed throughout the country due to lack of resources.

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  1. They could afford the insecticide if they weren’t spending so much on the repressive apparatus to keep Cubans under control and retain power over them. It’s simply a matter of priorities, which are very clear.

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