Cuban YouTuber who just arrived in America makes his first visit to Walmart

Cuban YouTuber Kristoff Kriollo was born and raised in the misery and scarcity of socialism, so you can only imagine his reaction when he visits a Walmart for the first time.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Cuban influencer Kristoff Krillo explores ‘a new world’ in his first visit to a Walmart

Like any Cuban who recently left the island, social media influencer Kristoff Kriollo got to experience his first visit to a Walmart, and as expected, he shared a hilarious video of this moment on his Instagram.

“A whole new world to explore,” was the only thing the YouTuber wrote in the post’s description, while in the video, he added the well-known phrase, “Cuban newcomer at Walmart.”

Kristoff’s first encounter was with watermelons, although based on his behavior, it seems he mistook them for buttocks because he said he was getting ready to go to a Go-Go club.

Next came the masa real (guava cakes), which the influencer ended up spitting out after tasting it because he couldn’t taste the baking soda in it.

When he realized what he was holding in his hands was beef, he couldn’t help but take out his green beret with the Cuban flag and Che Guevara’s face on it, and he even played the theme song of the TV show “Tras la huella” in the background.

The video then shows the YouTuber filling a basket with items, mistaking a frying pan for a car part and salmon for chicken because, in his opinion, fish no longer exists. He searches on Google how much meat a person can eat in a day and even bathes himself in deodorant in the middle of the supermarket.

But undoubtedly, the highlight of the video is when he tries to pay with a BANDEC card.

Kristoff Kriollo arrived in Miami this week, and he announced it himself with a video in the parking lot of a Walmart, dancing to Cándido Fabré’s song “Deja que Raúl se entere” (Wait Until Raúl Finds Out).

Since his arrival in the United States, the influencer has also faced some difficulties, such as when his friends played a prank on him by serving him white rice and eggs at a restaurant.

Videos of recently arrived Cubans in other countries exploring supermarkets often go viral on social media. Recently, a young woman expressed her admiration for being in a place full of basic products and foods that are not seen in Cuba.

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  1. Love it. Very funny. Of course humor does not fit within a communist society. So this happy, witty young man is unfit for Cuba. In communism the buildings are gray and harsh, the food is scarce and of poor quality and the attire is drab.

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