Building collapse in Havana, Cuba kills one man, injures another

From our Bureau of Socialist Building Maintenance with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Workplace Safety Standards

Building collapses keep claiming lives in Cuba, and the number of fatalities is bound to grow as buildings keep decaying.

This collapse trapped two workers, killing one of them. No word yet on what the workers were doing in that building, but it has been revealed that neither of them was wearing any safety gear whatsoever.

From 14yMedio via Translating Cuba

One man died and another was injured on Friday by the partial collapse of a building in a construction zone in the Luyanó neighborhood, in the Diez de Octubre municipality. Although there is no official version of the accident, the details published on social networks indicate that both workers were left under the rubble with serious injuries and ultimately one of them died.

In the Facebook group “Solo gente de Luyanó”, Internet user Lilly Fonseca shared photographs of the collapse where the rubble of the old buildings can be seen, which are being demolished to build new homes. According to her version, when the wall collapsed, the slab where the two workers were, whose identities have not been provided, also collapsed.

A nurse who went to the construction zone explained that they tried to revive the worker, but it was impossible due to the severity of his injuries. The medic pointed out that the two men did not have personal protective equipment, so they were more prone to fractures.

“Great care must be taken in the streets of Havana and also in old buildings, like this one. Also, first, an architect or engineer has to go so they can asses the conditions of the architecture,” Fonseca wrote in your post.

The Luyanó neighborhood is one of those with the most deteriorated housing stock in Havana, due to the age of its buildings, the little maintenance they have received and the effects of the tornado that affected the area in January 2019. Its location, outside the tourist perimeter of the Cuban capital, has aggravated the lack of investment in streets and homes.