Keeping the flame burning

One morning at home in early 2005, I opened up my recently-delivered Miami Herald and ran into a story about a website called Babalú Blog run by a Kendall cubanito by the name of Valentin Prieto, and dedicated to news about Cuba and all things Cuban and Cuban-American. Back then, before the social media explosion, a few Cuba-themed websites were popping up, but these were mainly related to Cuban-American culture and not so much about politics. So, I checked out Babalú Blog, and was quickly captivated by the rapid-fire mixture of politics, culture, and storytelling.

It inspired me to start my own blog along the same lines, and although my blog never came close to reaching the level of readership as Babalú, it got the attention of “El Machete” who graciously invited me to join his talented group of authors and contributors. I felt honored and humbled to be a part of a community of like-minded people with a common goal and desire to expose the atrocities of the Cuban dictatorship, as well as to be a voice of hope for the victims of the regime.

It’s been a decade since I’ve written on Babalú Blog, and although my blogging days are behind me, I still have fond memories of being part of that great team of writers and hanging out with the likes of Val, Alberto, George, Henry, Ziva, and Amanda (apologies if I forgot anyone…it’s been a while!).

Most of all, I am thankful that Babalú Blog after 20 years continues to be that “island on the net without a bearded dictator,” a beacon of truth and hope for freedom-loving people in Cuba and around the world.

From its humble beginnings to meetings with influential people from all over, the success of Babalú Blog is rooted in its purpose – one I’m sure will continue to burn strongly until Cuba is finally freed from its tyranny.

My heartfelt felicidades to Babalu Blog on its 20th anniversary, and a big shout-out to Alberto for running the show and to all the contributors for keeping that flame burning.

And Val… you done good, my friend!

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