Cuba and Russia in talks to increase military cooperation

Communist Cuba’s armed forces minister met with his Russian counterpart in Moscow, where they discussed increased military cooperation between the two rogue nations.

Via Barons:

Allies Cuba and Russia, both targets of Western sanctions, intend to pursue closer “technical-military” cooperation, the communist island’s government mouthpiece said Wednesday.

The plan was discussed during a visit Tuesday by Armed Forces Minister Alvaro Lopez Miera to Moscow, where he met counterpart Sergei Shoigu, newspaper Granma reported.

Granma quoted Shoigu as telling Lopez Miera that “Russia plans to jointly develop with Cuba a series of projects in the technical-military field.”

This is one of many examples that expose the duplicity of American liberals who despise Putin and want to destroy him yet go to extreme lengths to support and defend Cuba’s communist dictatorship. While both corrupt and despotic regimes belong in the ash heap of history, liberals can never overcome their soft spot for the Castro dictatorship.

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  1. Well, at least the Cuban SOB showed up looking the part, unlike “General” Castro and his baseball cap.

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