Cuban State Security arrests dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer’s wife, steals her money, warns her of imminent eviction

Nelva Ismaray Ortega

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Nelva Ismaray Ortega, wife of dissident Jose Daniel Ferrer, attempted to deliver an official denunciation of the viciously inhumane treatment received by her husband at Mar Verde prison, but after waiting all day to submit this document to prison authorities, she was informed that it would be impossible for her to do so.

On her way home, riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle, she was stopped by State Security. The policemen first pounced on the driver of the motorcycle, searched his body, and confiscated various items, including his cell phone. They also took possession of his motorcycle and stripped him of his license.

Then it was Nelva’s turn. Here is what happened next:

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias.

Nelva Ismaray Ortega was placed in a patrol, where they searched her body and her purse.

“They transferred me to the 2nd. unit of the PNR (National Revolutionary Police) known as El Palacete, here in Santiago de Cuba, all of this without an arrest warrant and in an office they gave me, according to them, the third warning record for doing the minimum in favor of my husband, demanding his rights and those of his family by depriving him of his liberty since his unjust detention and kidnapping.”

According to Ortega’s statements, Major Julio Fonseca and his subordinate Mario imposed a third warning on her in which they charged her with “contempt”, “disobedience” and “defamation of the institutions”.

“Simply for using my right as a family member to complain to the prison management about the inhumane conditions in which my husband is kept. The henchman Fonseca did not stop repeating, in a threatening manner, that I am about to go to prison, to lose my son”.

The officer also announced to the woman that in a few days she would be evicted from her house, because a pharmacy is going to be installed there.

Ortega was deprived of 685 pesos, of the complaint documents that she must present to the prison authorities and to the Provincial Directorate of Jails and Prisons, and of medicines for use that she kept in her bag, according to what she denounced.

The young woman, a doctor by profession, explained that State Security officials are committing crimes such as “abuse of authority”, “prevarication”, “forced disappearance” against her husband, “torture and other treatment or punishment cruel, inhuman and degrading”, “threats”, “coercion”, “crime against the right to equality” and “crime on disclosure of personal data” because they told her “that (she and her husband) will soon appear on the news and in official networks.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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