Cuban mother sits in the middle of the street to protest the lack of water

Cubans are not only suffering through blackouts and shortages of food and medicine, but also the lack of water. The misery of living under socialism is so unbearable that a Cuban mother found herself in such a desperate situation, she felt no other option other than to protest by sitting down in the middle of the street.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Sitting in the middle of the street with empty containers and her two young daughters, a Cuban mother protested this Friday in Old Havana over the scarcity of drinking water and the continuous electricity outages in that municipality.

In a video first posted by the independent media Cubanet, the woman and her two daughters can be seen sitting in the middle of the street at the intersection of Villegas and Obrapía streets, demanding the restoration of water and power services.

Around them were empty containers, indicating they have been without water for at least two weeks.

“In the past, this was a Revolution, today it’s every man for himself,” the mother is heard saying.

Later images show several people and police at the scene.

“Nobody gives me anything, the Revolution takes it all from you. Already four pounds of rice are gone, next month it will be two,” said the young woman who initiated the protest.

“I can’t take it anymore. Enough is enough, it’s desperate, it’s desperate,” said the woman, who, according to the media, was taken by the police to a local government office.

After 64 years of the socialist revolution, the communist Castro dictatorship cannot even deliver water.

1 thought on “Cuban mother sits in the middle of the street to protest the lack of water”

  1. She was taken away to be re-educated which involves reminding her she is lucky to be living in a socialist paradise, How ungrateful and what a poor example she is setting for her daughters. !What is it did she not understand about patria o muerte?

    Sounds like she enjoyed the Revolution when it meant getting free stuff. The part she missed was that the free stuff had been stolen from American companies, Cuban companies, upper class Cubans, middle class Cubans, Russians, Chinese, Venezuelans, EU nations. Eventually you run out of people to steal from and then you are left with no water, no electricity, no cooking gas, no petrol, no food. I got a novel idea. Why don’t you work to get your own water. You can collect it from rain, store it in large tanks, disinfect the water and sell it to your neighbors to recover your investment. Oh I forgot, that is not legal. It would be like filthy sticking capitalism. You do NOT want to go there. They will throw you in jail for that.

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