Robotic Elián González spews Castrobabble, praises Cuban dictatorship, condemns all dissent

Thank you, Bill Clinton; thank you, Janet Reno; thank you, U.S. news media

From our Bureau of Extremely Successful Brainwashing with some assistance from our Bureau of Tragicomic Ventriloquism

This is precisely what every Cuban knew would happen when Elián González was snatched from his family in Miami and sent back to Cuba.

Fidel’s favorite trophy has become quite an eloquent echo chamber for Castro, Inc.’s propaganda. That echo is apparently reverberating is his super-washed brain and spilling out of his lips with no hint of any diminution in volume or tone.

If this situation weren’t so heart-wrenchingly tragic, his blathering could be mistaken for a pathetic ventriloquist’s comedy routine.

Thank you, Fidel

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Cuban “rafter boy” Elián González Brotons, now a deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power, freed the Cuban regime from all responsibility for the evils that overwhelm Cubans and of which he has also complained and, furthermore, suggested to those who they take to the streets to protest the situation to “think it through” before doing so, in an interview with the North American agency AP.

“I have a commitment, I have a responsibility to this people,” González responded when asked why he had accepted the nomination of various social organizations to the Cuban regime’s legislative apparatus.

“It would be a hypocrite if I turned my back on my people. I believe that from Cuba we can do a lot so that we have a more solid country and I owe it to the Cubans, to all those who fought for me, those who were with my father and that is what I am going to try to do now from my position,” said the 29-year-old, referring to the intense campaign promoted by the late Fidel Castro to bring back to Cuba the boy who survived a shipwreck and was delivered to relatives in Miami.

“Not having had my mother has been difficult, it has been a burden, but it has not been an obstacle when I have had a father who has known how to stand up (defend me) and be by my side. I feel like a child, a young man and a happy adult, said the 29-year-old.

“I think the most important thing is that I have grown like other young people. I have grown in Cuba,” he added.

“I trust the Cuban model and what they have tried to build, which is not what we have. We still have a lot to do,” González said. For the Cuban deputy, capitalism in Cuba, “a small country with few resources,” would be more similar to that of Haiti than that of the United States.

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4 thoughts on “Robotic Elián González spews Castrobabble, praises Cuban dictatorship, condemns all dissent”

  1. I suppose we should stop paying attention to him; he always says the same thing, meaning what he’s been programmed to say. Those responsible for his return to Cuba and inevitable brainwashing certainly aren’t interested in him, and haven’t been since he went back to the place his mother died to get him out of. Well, I guess it’s like looking at roadkill, because he’s definitely seriously damaged goods. Pathetic and grotesque.

    Still, the Elián debacle served to wake up a lot of us to some very unpleasant truths, which was painful but ultimately beneficial. Sometimes, there’s no easy or comfortable way to learn something.

  2. Asombra:

    “Well, I guess it’s like looking at roadkill, because he’s definitely seriously damaged goods. Pathetic and grotesque.”

    Very well put!!! What’s disgusting, but totally understandable is how the Cuban regime is still trying to juice this story for all that its worth [they never give up]. You know that AP and Reuters picked up on this nonstory because the Cuban dictatorship emitted press releases. That is to say, they are the Cuban regime’s enablers. With Reuters and AP, there is no need for Gramma.

    This is how PBS reports it via Tweeter:

    “PBS NewsHour
    Jun 30
    Elián González recently entered Cuba’s congress with hopes of helping his people at a time of record emigration and heightened tensions with the U.S.”

    All that Elian does is repeat regime soundbites, and he is entering a rubberstamp parody of a ruling body, but PBS is calling it a “congress” knowing full well how misleading this is to Americans reading their news, since they will instantly think about our own congress where true debate is permitted, and laws are created independent of the executive branch.

    So, the regime is still getting mileage out of that rotting corpse or roadkill as you call it.

    • The usual suspects will never do right by Cuba, and they will always give the “revolution” every possible benefit of the doubt. At best, they will occasionally emit some hollow lip service, which they may well intend to sound pro forma so nobody thinks they’ve truly changed.

      As for the reality check provided by the Elián incident, it was necessary but not enough. Too many Cubans are still counting on the kindness of aliens, even after all these years and countless disappointments. If only for the sake of dignity, we really should wise up.

  3. Cuba is gone, has been for decades. But the US is not yet gone. It is on its way to becoming Cuba but not there yet. But there is so much here that sounds so familiar from the American news media, colleges and public schools and deep state and our justice department. Listen to any Democrat in Congress speak and your stomach should turn. I am even getting to despise those balanced news media on our side.

    Why are we allowing our country to disappear? Where is our rage to fight against the dying of the light of liberty? A lot of my liberal friends are great fans of O’Biden and his workings and they sound like Elian. I don’t know about the rest of America, but I am terrified..

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