Slideshow of the Day: Che Guevara in Ireland

From our Bureau of Very Scary and Nauseating Art

While searching for a certain image, I stumbled on several Irish murals of Che, most of which can be found in Northern Ireland, where the I.R.A. terrorists love the Argentine sociopath.

I also stumbled on the Irish postage stamp that celebrated the 50th anniversary of Che’s death. Imagine what it feels like to see my surname next to Che’s face. Can’t help it if my surname happens to be the same as the Gaelic name for Ireland. Long story.

If you like being horrified, click on the slide show above.

1 thought on “Slideshow of the Day: Che Guevara in Ireland”

  1. What would Saint Patrick think of this abomination? Well, the Irish no longer care. This is a combination of “radical chic” whoredom and plain perversity. It’s a case of people going out of their way to soil themselves.

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