Is Russia about to install nuclear power plants in Cuba?

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Apparently, one of the many plans Grand Putinia has for Cuba is to solve its energy crisis by building nuclear power stations.

Yes, from the nation that gave us Chernobyl, good news for Castro, Inc., bad news to all of Cuba’s neighbors. It’s quite possible that the same plan is in motion for other Latrine American nations.

The subject is being discussed, indeed. This is no mere rumor. See story below.

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Nuclear energy has been considered as a potential option to help Cuba achieve its energy goals. The country has a history of nuclear ambitions, dating back to the 1970s when it began construction of a nuclear power plant in Juragua, Cienfuegos province. However, the project was abandoned in the early 1990s due to a lack of funding and technical expertise, as well as concerns about safety and environmental impacts.

Despite the challenges faced in the past, the potential of nuclear energy in Cuba’s evolving energy landscape cannot be ignored. Nuclear power offers several advantages over other energy sources, including its ability to provide a stable and reliable source of electricity, its low greenhouse gas emissions, and its potential to contribute to energy security. Moreover, advances in nuclear technology and international cooperation have made it possible for countries like Cuba to access nuclear power in a safer and more cost-effective manner.

One of the key factors that could influence the development of nuclear energy in Cuba is the country’s relationship with Russia. Russia has been a long-time supporter of Cuba’s nuclear ambitions, and in recent years, the two countries have signed several agreements related to nuclear energy cooperation. These agreements include the provision of technical assistance, training, and the possibility of constructing a nuclear power plant in Cuba. If realized, this collaboration could significantly boost Cuba’s efforts to diversify its energy sources and reduce its dependence on imported oil.

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  1. Nuclear power is serious science power. To be able to do science you have to be committed to truth. Cuba is a communist system and thus rejects truth. Thus, Cuba getting a nuclear power plant is like giving a child a loaded pistol as a toy.

    Cuba needs to first prove it can handle a regular oil powered thermoelectric plant. Or even be able to safely handle the storage tanks for said plant. Sorry to be so blunt. It is tough love.

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