Luxury 5-star apartheid hotel opens in Cuba’s Old Havana, surrounded by collapsing buildings

Rooftop pool at Meliá’s INNSiDE Habana

From our Annals of Apartheid Tourism Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

Social Justice! Can’t get enough of it. Pile it on, heap up your social justice, Castro, Inc. Amontona tu justicia social . . . You are providing the world a great service.

You are showing the world what every leftist really means when they whip out that favorite term of theirs, “social justice.”

They may not realize this is the real meaning of the term because of their willful ignorance, but they only have to look at Cuba to wake up and realize that your apartheid tourist industry is the very epitome of socialist social justice.

And thanks for helping Castro, Inc. so intensely, Meliá Hotels. You personify the willful blindness of leftists so fully, so perfectly, so hideously.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

“Can you imagine waking up with views of the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro or the majestic National Capitol? Having breakfast looking at the sea and experiencing, from its center, the beating of the historic heart of a heritage city?”: this is how Meliá Hotels presents its new 5-star facility in the heart of Old Havana.

The INNSiDE Habana Catedral, with 50 rooms, is one of the five new hotels that the Spanish company, leader in the sector on the island, announced that it would open in Cuba in 2023 and that it has just come into service.

The hotelier’s blog ensures that the new facility, 600 meters from the Havana Cathedral, has “spacious rooms, curated gastronomy, areas for work and leisure, and a terrace with one of the best views of Old Havana.” .

In addition, the INNSiDE Habana Catedral has three restaurants and bars, and is suggested for small meetings, since it has an event room for 108 people.

The exclusive hotel is also built in the Cuban municipality where the greatest number of collapses and concentration of inhabited buildings in poor condition are reported, due to whose collapse frequent fatalities are reported.

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6 thoughts on “Luxury 5-star apartheid hotel opens in Cuba’s Old Havana, surrounded by collapsing buildings”

  1. Well, having no scruples and no shame can be very, uh, empowering, not to mention profitable. It allows you to focus purely on getting what you want without worrying about morals, ethics or decency. And yes, if the Castro regime were to fall, these vultures would absolutely expect, or at least try, to keep u$ing Cuba.

  2. The Spanish, like the Russians, appear to have no problem with how badly they’ve screwed Cuba in the past, and they keep doing it as if that were just the natural order of things. The difference is that Russians are aliens from an alien culture, and many Cubans have significant Spanish ancestry, both genetic and cultural. Thus, Spanish exploitation and hijeputez are far worse, especially given how Cubans have always bent over backwards to forgive and forget and keep up the “Spain is our mother” fantasy. Lord, the disgust.

  3. When you live under the bootjack of a tyrannical regime that pretends to represent you, it’s easy for a greedy foreigner to put on blinders and to falsely claim that they are indeed helping you by doing business with the regime in question. It’s especially easy when you have an army of enablers [the NYTs, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, Hollywood, the Vatican, etc….] backing these shameful transactions. So, the Spaniards simply carry on like nothing and say that they are indeed helping Cubans by giving them jobs and doing partnerships with them. Little does it matter that these partnerships are with the regime itself, not a civil society. As we would say in Spanish, ellos [meaning the Spaniards] “se hacen la chiva loca,” and shameless carry on.

    • Yes, the Spanish vultures know that what they’re doing is PC and that nobody cares except “those people.” In addition, the Spanish have unresolved psychological issues due to losing their precious “property” in 1898, so they feel entitled to keep using Cuba for whatever gain they can get from it. It’s a nasty business.

  4. What I find astonishing about all of these hotels is how can a city only have hotels? How many hotels can any city have? Especially when it doesn’t have the infrastructure. I mean, I’ve been to Paris where there are hotels on every block, but Paris is Paris with world class museums, the best restaurants, amazing architecture, landmarks, entertainment, a vibrant civil society, shopping, a wonderful public transportation system, etc…. What does Cuba have? Cheap museums, no subway, unreliable buses, squalor all over the place, only government run stores, etc… And as for sex, how many tourists can a “jinetera’s” ass or the “pinquero’s sexual reproductive organ satisfy?

    • That is an excellent point and something I have also pondered.. In the 90’s when Clinton allowed trips, many Americans went just for the curiosity of seeing a closed, isolated communist society which we all assumed would soon be extinct. But why now? Why do the Canadians keep going? The average American walking down just about any road in Havana would think, “man, I gotten get the hell out of here before I get mugged”. I guess if you hate white people, Cuba will give you the pleasure of seeing a bunch of Europeans living in third world conditions. I do not know of any other place with that feature. So yea I agree, what is the attraction? But then again we know the hotels are mostly empty. I think it might be a gold rush. Nations are rushing to Cuba hoping to be the ones that own and control this Caribbean gem.

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