Grandson of Chilean dictator Salvador Allende calls for cancellation of Cuban dissident Tania Bruguera’s art exhibition

Dissident artist vs. Chilean blue blood

From our ever-busy Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Open-Mindedness with some assistance from our Bureau of Latrine American Blue Bloods

Cancel, cancel, cancel. Shut it down. How dare fascists provide exhibition space for a dissident Cuban artist?

How repuslive! Never mind the fact that the artist in question comes from a distinguished “Revolutionary” Cuban family. Although her father was a devout “fidelista” who served as a diplomat for Castro, Inc. and as director of the propaganda mill Prensa Latina, she has dared tp renounce her pedigree and to reject the utopian leftist ideals of the Castro dynasty and of their Chilean mimic Salvador Allende.

“Cancel the miserable wretch.” So says the grandson of the communist president who tried to turn Chile into a mirror image of totalitarian communist Cuba.

There is such a thing as Latrine American nobility, you know. All leftist dictators and would-be dictators are the blue bloods of Latrine America. Like all blue bloods they live in opulence, exploit commoners, and silence all who dare to challenge their authority and status.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Pablo Sepúlveda Allende, grandson of former Chilean President Salvador Allende, called to suspend the organization of an exhibition by the Cuban artivist Tania Bruguera in the museum in Santiago de Chile that bears the name of her grandfather, reported the official Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.

The report described Bruguera, one of the most renowned Cuban artists, as a “counterrevolutionary” and Sepúlveda Allende as an “internationalist doctor.” According to the latter’s LinkedIn profile, she studied the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), in Cuba, and at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

Sepúlveda Allende said on Twitter on Thursday: “Not in the name of Salvador Allende. We strongly call both the board of directors and the workers of the Salvador Allende Solidarity Museum (MSSA) to retract the grotesque provocation and repair the insolent insult towards the image, memory and legacy of Salvador Allende that they are committing by organizing the exhibition of the Cuban artist Tania Bruguera, an artist who only stands out because her staging is politically contrary to the Cuban Revolution, that same Revolution that so much Allende like millions and millions of people in Cuba as in the whole world we admire, defend and love.”

“Even more serious is the affront that the Museum of Solidarity commits when carrying out this activity on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Salvador Allende, who died holding the rifle that his close friend, Commander Fidel Castro, gave him,” added the grandson. of the former Chilean president.

“It is a shame to … betray the ideals and principles that fellow president Allende lived exercising and died defending. Ideals and principles that are identical to those of the Cuban Revolution; or is there anyone who dares to ignore the immense affection, the indestructible friendship and solidarity that Salvador Allende always had with Fidel, the Cuban people, his Revolution? We demand that the Museum of Solidarity not to use the name of Salvador Allende for any activity contrary to its values, principles and ideals,” he concluded.

Continue reading about this Latrine blue blood’s tirade HERE in Spanish

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  1. But no, Bruguera certainly does not come from “gusano” stock. Her Castronoid pedigree is more exalted than that of Yoani Sánchez, whose mother was just a more or less ordinary “miliciana,” as I understand it.

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