Putin’s ideologues call for the redeployment of Russian nuclear missiles in Cuba

From our new Bureau of Unneighborly Gestures with some assistance from our Bureau of Déjà Vu

What a shocking surprise! Who would have ever expected Czar Vlad the Invader to be considering the installation of nuclear missiles in Castrogonia?

D’oh! as Homer Simpson would say. Who would be dumb enough NOT to expect this development.? Castro, Inc. has just sold Cuba to Grand Putinia. It’s Russian soil now. Why wouldn’t they want to install missiles a mere ninety miles from the U.S.? (And the range and speed of today’s missiles are far greater than those depicted in the 1962 image above.)

Meanwhile, the Russification of Cuba keeps accelerating. A report from news agency Tass reports that Russia is planning to build an oil refinery in Cuba that could cost as much as 500 million dollars, perhaps even more. And it is highly likely that the construction and operation of this refinery would be totally in Russian hands.

Could these developments help explain the “mystery” of the cocaine found inside the White House a few days ago?

Abrdidged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

After the Russian Military-Historical Society (RVIO), one of Vladimir Putin’s spearheads in his expansionism policy, assured that the withdrawal of Russian troops from Cuba in 1993 was “a mistake” and requested the return of the Kremlin military to the Island, experts and analysts from the Eurasian nation have demanded actions in this regard.

One of the most recent is Vladimir Khomyakov, political scientist and ideologue of the Russian regime, who assured that “it is time for Russia to transfer the confrontation with the United States to its ‘backyard’, to Latin America.”

All of the above has to do directly with the development of the invasion of Ukraine and with a tendency among the ideologues of the “new world order” espoused by Vladimir Putin, who are increasingly prone to suggest a flight forward in what they consider a civilizational conflict with the West.

Thus, the Russian media outlet Glavny indicates: “Many experts argue that if the Russian Armed Forces had been able to show their potential in Cuba earlier, then the United States might have thought that Russia is much stronger than it seems.”

“It is argued that Russia should have demonstrated the effectiveness of Kinzhal hypersonic missile systems much earlier. Now the United States understands that they have no alternative to this, and therefore supplies Ukraine with weapons. According to experts, at the moment Russia needs strengthen its military influence closer to Cuba and show its potential,” says an editorial.

according to Khomyakov, “the experts showed a plan to restore our military presence in Cuba, which the United States is already afraid of.”

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