Vil Clinton does the Vatican

And to sweeten the pot, he brought along the son and heir of George Soros. Both men are strongly pro-abortion, but they didn’t come see “His Holiness” for absolution, and neither is Catholic anyway. So why would Vil visit the Vatican? It’s unclear — there’s always the photo-op and a certain amount of favorable publicity, but you can bet Billy boy has some scheme going, like he’s had practically all his life (in other words, este huevo quiere sal ).

And why would the pope play along with such a character? Well, he’s played along with worse, even if he thought it was a good thing. Bergoglio may mean well, but you know what they say about good intentions, and his discernment appears distinctly poor — a rather serious deficit in someone in his position.

The private audience (with photos and video for publication) took place this week at the pope’s residence. Clinton’s entourage of about a dozen included his son-in-law (but not his wife or daughter) and Alex Soros, who claims to be more political than his father (assuming that’s possible) and plans to have a larger focus on US domestic politics.

The pope seemed highly cordial, and Clinton thanked him for all he has done for the Church and the world. There was also an exchange of gifts. However, details are few and vague, no doubt for a reason. In any case, the involvement of the Soros scion is surely significant, not to mention disturbing, and Clinton is anything but trustworthy.

Still, Vil could have gotten more bang for his buck (though he may only have been after the buck). Alex Soros is far less of a “celebrity” than his father; I’d never heard of him. The former POTUS should have procured someone closely tied to his presidency who’s still very well known and would have made a bigger splash, as well as being virtually certain to tickle the pope’s fancy — Elián González. Vil could have shown him off as an example of Clintonian ethics and humanitarianism, not to mention statesmanship.

The little matter of Elián’s brainwashing and programmed Castrospeak wouldn’t have fazed Bergoglio; he’s used to dealing with radical hardcore leftists and appears quite comfortable with them. Such a missed opportunity, no?

Clinton is a seriously bad man who, unlike his seriously bad wife, is a natural politician with the practiced charm of a successful BS artist (and yes, it is an art, of sorts). He’s definitely up to something, as is the Soros guy. And the pope? Just another day being, uh, open-minded. The trouble is that if you’re too open-minded, your brain falls out

Lord have mercy.

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  1. As usual, one has to ask if this pope would give this kind of reception to Brazil’s Bolsonaro, Hungary’s Orbán or Spain’s Santiago Abascal, not to mention Trump or DeSantis (who happens to be Catholic). It’s not just that Clinton is what he is, but that he’s now a private citizen and over the hill. The optics are not good.

  2. Asombra, the optics are bad for us, “those people;” they are not bad for the MSM [and that’s what matters]. As long as a world leader like the pope is critical of the US, advocates for and engages so-called “left-wing countries” and is vocal about lifting the embargo on Cuba and playing footsie with the Castro family mafia, he is considered politically correct. The pope knows this, so that meeting with Clinton will not hurt him. God knows, if he turned his head the other way to a pleading Cuban dissident who was beaten within two inches of his life in front of him and nothing happened to his reputation, then shaking Bill’s filthy hands won’t harm him either in the least bit.

    • Well, as usual, the pope is fine with the optics and with what he’s doing. It’s hard to be sure to what extent he’s simply blind versus pushing his agenda, which of course he thinks is right. As for Vil, he’s not aging well; he looks increasingly creepy and unnatural, and kind of desperate.

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